Can Bearded Dragons Eat Baby Kale? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, bearded dragons can eat baby kale when it’s properly washed and is fresh.

Your bearded dragon will especially enjoy the taste of baby kale since it’s super easy to break apart. It’s also a good source of calcium for them too.

Make sure you wash it before serving it to your beardie. Baby kale can also vary in nutrients depending on the season and age, so it’s important to monitor their eating habits.

How is baby kale good for bearded dragons?

Baby kale is high in calcium which is good for their bones and shedding. It provides vitamin C and A too. And, baby kale tops the chart of vegetables that are packed with fiber!

It’s also proven to be low in oxalates which is good for them so they won’t have any difficulty digesting it.

Your bearded dragon will devour baby kale with joy since its leaves are tender and have a sweet flavor to eat.

What should be avoided when feeding baby kale?

Baby kale has a good amount of calcium and vitamin C, but it doesn’t have many other nutrients so it’s important to feed bearded dragons with variety.

Make sure not to feed your dragon more than 1 cup of baby kale per day since too much calcium can cause health problems such as impaction.