Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bean Sprouts? (The Risks!)

No, bearded dragons shouldn’t eat bean sprouts as they’re acidic and their calcium to phosphorus ratio isn’t good.

Are bean sprouts bad for beardies due to their acidic nature?

Bean sprouts, like all legumes (beans, peas, and lentils), are classified as acidic.

They aren’t harmful per se, but they don’t provide any benefits either. As for their calcium to phosphorus ratio, it’s not great for bearded dragons.

Can beardies eat bean sprouts occasionally?

Bearded dragons should only be fed plant matter occasionally, as they’re mainly insectivores. If you must feed them bean sprouts, once a week is fine.

Can beardies eat bean sprouts if we reduce its acidic content?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat bean sprouts if the acidic content is reduced. However, they shouldn’t be their staple food source.

How to reduce acidic content in bean sprouts?

You can reduce the acidic content of bean sprouts by boiling them in water mixed with a pinch of baking soda for ten minutes. After, make sure to rinse them thoroughly under cold water.