Can Bearded Dragons Eat Boiled Eggs? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, bearded dragons can eat boiled eggs. In fact, boiled eggs are a great treat for bearded dragons and other reptiles such as diurnal (daytime) lizards.

Boiled eggs are healthy for bearded dragons. They often enjoy the taste of this food, and it gives them additional fats and proteins that they don’t get in their regular diets.

Boiled eggs provide protein, iron, calcium, and zinc.

Boiled eggs are high in cholesterol, so too many of them can cause problems for your bearded dragon’s health. Despite this, most agree that one or two boiled eggs per week are an appropriate treat.

Boiled eggs are good for bearded dragons but they cannot eat too much because it will affect their health if they eat more than two eggs per week.

Bearded dragons can also eat hard-boiled eggs.