Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chia Sprouts? (The Risks!)

No, bearded dragons shouldn’t eat chia sprouts as they’re high in phosphorus.

However, if you still want to feed your pet beardies chia sprouts, do so in moderation and very small quantities once in a while.

Phosphorus is important, but too much can cause health problems.

Since chia sprouts are good for humans to eat overall, they’re definitely nutritious and healthy food for bearded dragons as well.

Chia sprouts are high in phosphorus, but if the quantity fed to the dragons is small and infrequent, it shouldn’t pose a problem.

What if my bearded dragon eats too much chia sprouts?

Too much phosphorus will accumulate in the bloodstream and cause serious problems.

Symptoms of too much phosphorus include dehydration, soft-shelled eggs due to the loss of calcium from bones which makes them weak, and a lack of appetite.

In more severe cases, seizures or even death can occur due to heart failure.

Adding a teaspoon of calcium with D3 to your pet’s diet every day will help prevent these problems.

What if my bearded dragon does not eat enough chia sprouts?

If the quantity of chia is too small or infrequent, beardies won’t be getting any nutrition from it, so they’ll need to eat other foods instead, which would be a better choice anyway.