Can Bearded Dragons Eat Kale Greens? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, bearded dragons can eat kale greens as it is a leafy vegetable that is considered safe, but must be fed moderately due to high oxalate content that can be dangerous.

It is important to note that kale greens should be fed in moderation.

If young, growing beardies eat too many oxalate-containing foods they can develop improper kidney function and other issues.

Does kale bind calcium in bearded dragons?

Kale binds calcium in the stomach when digestion begins. This can be potentially dangerous if it is not properly broken down.

Diets high in kale should contain vitamin D3 because this will help with the absorption of calcium from the gut, as well as prevent any issues that may arise from a lack of D3.

Can bearded dragons eat kale stems?

Yes, they can eat kale stems. Bearded dragons may not like the stems as much as the leaves, but it is still good for them to consume when given the opportunity.

Can bearded dragons eat kale greens everyday?

Bearded dragons can eat kale greens every day, but this may cause issues with calcium absorption when not balanced out with proper UVB lighting and calcium supplementation.

If the enclosure is kept very well lit, and if calcium supplementation is used regularly, it is okay to feed kale greens daily.

Though the overall effects of feeding kale every day are unknown, it is generally considered safe.