Can Bearded Dragons Eat Potato Bugs? (The Risks!)

No, bearded dragons shouldn’t eat potato bugs, but they’re technically edible for your beardies.

Potato bugs are hard-shelled bugs that live among the potatoes and feed on them.

While they don’t carry any diseases that can transfer to your bearded dragon, you should avoid letting your pet eat potato bugs for fear of your bearded dragon choking.

Bearded dragons are used to eating insects that can fit into their mouth without issue, and potato bugs measure at about the same diameter as a quarter.

While this isn’t enough to choke your pet, it’s still not ideal for them to eat.

Potato bugs also aren’t nutritious for bearded dragons.

They’re virtually just empty shells that only serve as a small protein source and almost no other nutrients for your bearded dragon to eat.

While potato bugs aren’t completely useless, you shouldn’t consider them edible for bearded dragons because there are plenty of other options available for even more nutrition.