Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tortillas? (The Risks!)

Bearded dragons can eat tortillas, but it’s not recommended that they have a staple food with tortillas.

Beardies do need a constant source of dietary fiber for healthy digestion and efficient nutrient absorption.

When fed too much protein, bearded dragons may develop metabolic bone disease, which results from excessive calcium loss from bones as they break down in the body.

Generally, it’s not recommended to feed bearded dragons bread or grains in general; there is little nutritional value, which leads to unhealthy growth and development.

Though it’s not necessarily bad for them to eat tortillas, I wouldn’t recommend it as their only food source because of its lack of dietary fiber.

Can bearded dragons eat tortilla chips?

Bearded dragons can eat tortilla chips, but again, there is little nutritional value and it’s not good to feed them as their only food source.

I don’t recommend giving bearded dragons any kind of human snack because most foods humans eat aren’t nutritionally healthy for reptiles; this includes fruits, vegetables, meats/seafood, and bread/grains.

It’s not a bad idea to give bearded dragons a tortilla chip occasionally, just don’t make it their staple diet.

Can bearded dragons eat flour tortillas?

Yes, bearded dragons can have flour tortillas but shouldn’t have them as a staple food item because of the lack of dietary fiber.

I would recommend giving flour tortillas as a treat, not as a significant part of their daily food intake.

Can bearded dragons eat corn tortillas?

Bearded dragons can have corn tortillas, but it’s not recommended that they have a staple food with tortillas because of the lack of dietary fiber.

I generally do not recommend feeding dragons bread or grains, so I would recommend against giving them corn tortillas on a regular basis.