Can Bearded Dragons Eat Wax Worms? (The Risks!)

Yes, bearded dragons can eat wax worms occasionally.

Wax worms are high in fat so don’t go overboard in feeding your beardies these wax worms. On average, an adult bearded dragon can eat 5-6 wax worms per day.

At what age can bearded dragons eat wax worms?

Bearded dragons under six months old should not eat wax worms. Wax worms are too fatty for baby beardies.

What’s better for bearded dragons wax worms or mealworms?

Bearded dragons can eat wax worms but they are more of a treat than a staple.

Mealworms may be live, but wax worms are actually larvae that fed on beehives. As an added bonus, mealworms contain calcium-rich exoskeletons which bearded dragons need to maintain strong bones and teeth.