Can Cats Eat Applesauce? (The Risks!)

No, cats shouldn’t eat applesauce.

Applesauce may contain harmful chemicals and preservatives that a natural regular apple won’t have, so apples are safe for your cat, but applesauce should be avoided whenever possible.

But, you can let your pet cat have a lick or two of applesauce that’s homemade, it won’t cause any harm to your cat’s health because pureed foods are a bit easier on your cats and they can digest such foods easily.

How is applesauce good for cats?

Apples contain antioxidants, which means there are compounds in them that fight free radicals, these free radicals cause damage to cells and molecules such as DNA and proteins. They also boost the immune system thus protecting against viral infections.

Applesauce may have these benefits, but it also has chemicals and preservatives that may be harmful to your cat, as mentioned earlier.

Can kittens eat applesauce?

Yes, kittens can eat applesauce.

Kittens of two to three weeks old should only get kitten formula, once they turn four weeks give them soft solid foods like cooked chicken breast and rice mixed with pureed vegetables. By the time they are six months old, you can start giving them regular cat food plus the meat mixture mentioned earlier, or you can continue to give them the mixed foods twice a day.

Applesauce is probably okay for cats of any age, but unless it’s homemade with no additives don’t offer it to your cat because there are preservatives and chemicals in commercially packed applesauce that may be harmful to your cat’s health.

Can cats eat unsweetened applesauce?

Yes, cats can eat unsweetened applesauce.

An occasional lick or two of unsweetened applesauce won’t harm your cat, they may not even notice it in their food bowl if you put it in there with their regular dry food.

But, don’t give them the whole jar because that contains preservatives and chemicals like most commercial food does.

Also, don’t ever give your cat cooked or canned apples because they contain sugar and spices that are harmful to your pet’s health.

Can cats eat cinnamon applesauce?

No, cats can’t eat the common cinnamon applesauce.

Cinnamon is a spice that has been linked to liver damage in cats when they ingest too much of it, so don’t offer your cat any kind of applesauce that contains cinnamon or spices in them for this reason.

Can cats eat strawberry applesauce?

No, cats can’t eat strawberry applesauce.

Strawberries are not only poisonous to your cat, but they also contain sugar and spices that are harmful to their health.

As with the cinnamon applesauce, any type of applesauce that contains sugar or spices should be avoided for this reason, unless it’s an ingredient in a homemade recipe and you know for sure it’s okay to give your cat.

But, even if there’s no sugar or spices in the applesauce, there are chemicals and preservatives that can be dangerous to your pet’s health so keep this in mind before feeding them any kind of store-bought applesauce.


No, cats shouldn’t eat applesauce.

Even though it’s okay for your cat to lick a small amount of unsweetened, fresh homemade applesauce from time to time there are chemicals and preservatives in store-bought applesauce that may be harmful to your pet’s health, as well as sugar and spices that can cause damage.