Can Cats Eat Brazil Nuts? (The Risks!)

Yes, cats can eat brazil nuts.

Brazil nuts contain selenium, selenium is toxic to cats.

So you can let your cat eat brazil nuts, but don’t go overboard, be moderate and let your cat be moderate in eating brazil nuts.

Are brazil nuts good for cats?

The brazil nuts are very good for some cats, for some cats this may be a problem that people would perhaps rather not feed their cat.


This is because of the selenium content which makes the brazil nut bad for cats.

Brazil nuts also contain calcium, phosphorus, and protein.

The biggest portion of Brazil nuts is fat, which may also cause your cat to gain weight.

So it’s a good idea that you give your pet brazil nuts in moderation.

Can kittens eat brazil nuts in small amounts?

Yes, kittens can eat brazil nuts in small amounts.

But even though your cat or kitten is allowed to eat a few brazil nuts, you should not overdo it.

Because the selenium content makes this food toxic for cats, and since your pet cannot tell you when they feel ill because of eating too much brazil nuts, you should not feed your cat or kitten a lot of brazil nuts.

Can a cat die from eating brazil nuts?

Yes, of course, it is possible for your cat to become ill if you feed too much of the food.

Therefore it’s a good idea if you give your cat brazil nuts in moderation.

The selenium content of the Brazil nut will kill your cat eventually since they can’t get rid of this toxin fast enough, so that is why it’s highly advised against feeding them too much.