Can Cats Eat Butter? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, cats can eat butter.

However, because butter still contains lactose, it’s best that you be moderate in feeding your pet cat this treat, otherwise, she may still experience lactose intolerance due to the small amounts of lactose present in butter.

Butter contains high amounts of fat. Cats should receive a balanced diet and butter isn’t part of that, so too much butter is unhealthy for your pet cat.

The lactose content in butter is likely to cause digestive problems in some cats if fed more than occasionally, so it’s best to be moderate with the amount you serve her.

Butter shouldn’t be fed to kittens under the age of one-month-old.

How is butter good for cats?

Butter is a good source of essential fatty acids.

Also, the fat in butter is easily digestible for cats and can serve as a quick energy source for your pet cat.

As such, if you want to give her small amounts of butter to reward positive behavior like using the litter box or scratching at the post when asked to do so, it’s not harmful to your cat.

Just remember to be moderate with the amounts you give her and introduce this treat slowly into her diet.

You also shouldn’t be feeding butter to an overweight cat or one that is underweight as well because that can result in obesity and/or malnutrition.

What happens if a cat eats butter?

As long as your cat eats butter occasionally and moderately, it’s not likely to cause her any harm.

But if she eats too much of it, you’ll notice digestive problems like diarrhea and vomiting.

Can cats eat bread with butter?


Bread is made with wheat flour, which contains gluten and lactose – two substances that cats aren’t supposed to eat.

Since the butter you put on bread doesn’t contain too much lactose, it’s still safe for your pet cat to eat bread with butter on it.

However, again remember to moderate the amount you give your cat because if fed more than occasionally, butter is still likely to cause digestive issues in cats.

A word of caution though – white bread doesn’t have much nutritional value so it’s best not to feed that to your pet cat.

But feel free to serve her small amounts of whole grain or oatmeal bread with butter on it.

A better alternative to bread is a treat like a small piece of turkey or chicken, which also contains essential fatty acids and nutrients that cats need.

Can cats eat butter if it’s been cooked with tuna?


The fish oil contained in the can of tuna you used to cook the butter for your cat has a big chance of upsetting her digestive system if she eats that.

So never give your cat butter that was cooked in tuna – not even a little bit.

Can cats eat butter chicken?

Yes, your pet cat can eat butter chicken.

Chicken meat contains high amounts of protein and essential amino acids that your cat needs to survive.

However, even cooked chicken has lactose in it so you have to be moderate with the amount you give her or serve her.

You also shouldn’t feed cooked chicken bones to your cat because they’re brittle and may get stuck in her throat, which can cut off the air supply to your cat.

So if you want to give your pet cat chicken, serve her a whole piece of cooked chicken bone and all (without the skin).

If you don’t like cooking, serve her canned or dry pouched tuna with butter instead.

What about butter cookies?


Butter cookies are made using butter, flour, sugar, and water – ingredients that your pet cat is allowed to eat in small amounts.

Just be moderate with the amount of butter you give her because too much of it is bad for her health.

And can they eat butter popcorn?


Popcorn is made using kernels of corn, vegetable oil, butter, and salt.

The kernel of corn used in making popcorn is allowed for your pet cat to eat because it contains nutrients that cats need to survive.

However, just like any other food you give her, moderation is key so start with small amounts of plain popcorn and gradually introduce it to your cat’s diet.

Remember also that the salt in butter popcorn is not good for cats so again, moderation is important.

What about canned tuna with butter?


Tuna contains high amounts of protein and essential amino acids which are beneficial nutrients to your pet cat’s health.

can cats eat butter lettuce?


Romaine lettuce contains essential nutrients that your pet cat needs to survive.

She may also benefit from essential fatty acids which can be found in butter, too.

However, just like with any other food you give her – moderation is the key so don’t feed her large amounts of butter lettuce or of any kind of lettuce.

Is butter pecan ice cream edible for cats?


Butter pecan is actually made using butter, pecans, and cream – ingredients that your cat is allowed to eat in small amounts.

Pecan ice cream also contains essential fatty acids that may help improve your cat’s health.

The lactose in the cream is also not harmful to your cat so long as you give her small portions of butter pecan ice cream every now and then.

But again, remember moderation is key – never feed your cat large amounts at once.

And cat they eat butter biscuits?


Butter biscuits are made using butter, flour, sugar, and water – four ingredients that are allowed for your cat to eat.