Can Cats Eat Chips? (The Risks!)

Yes, cats can eat chips.

However, even though potato chips aren’t particularly dangerous for your pet cat, it’s not recommended that you feed her chips.

Chips contain a lot of salt, which isn’t good for cats.

Potato chips are also high in fat. (35g fat in 100g chips)

Your cat should eat a balanced diet that consists of meat, vegetables, and healthy carbohydrates.

Your cat would probably enjoy the taste of potato chips more than most humans do, but eating them is still bad for her health.

If your cat always begs for chips when you are eating, it’s best to distract her with a cat treat or playtime.

Can kittens eat chips?

It’s not recommended for kittens under 6 months to eat chips, because they are still growing.

Chips also contain a lot of salt, so the small amount in one chip is too much for an infant cat.

Kittens can become addicted to salty foods, which may cause health complications later on in life.

Potato chips should never be given to your cat as a substitute for wet or dry cat food.

Can obese cats eat chips?

Obesity in cats is a serious problem since it can lead to diabetes.

Chips can contribute to obesity; feeding your cat too many of them will decrease her life expectancy.

It’s best to look for another treat if you want to reward your fat cat on occasion.

How are chips for pregnant cats?

Chips are not recommended for cats while they are pregnant or nursing, because it’s harder for them to process fat.

Fat can make kittens more susceptible to disease, so cat owners should pay close attention to the foods their pregnant kitty eats.

Pregnant and nursing mothers’ bodies contain higher levels of nutrients than usual, so it’s important that they eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Will chips make my cat hyper?

Chips aren’t recommended for hyperactive cats, because there’s so much salt in them.

You shouldn’t feed your cat an empty-calorie snack if she already has enough energy from playing outside or interacting with you.

Pick healthier snacks such as cooked chicken, carrots, or green beans.