Can Cats Eat Egg Yolk? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, cats can eat egg yolk.

Make sure the egg yolk is completely cooked before you feed it to your pet cat.

Egg yolk contains high sulfide compounds, which together with certain amino acids in the protein make it more difficult for your cat to digest.

As an alternative, you can give your kitty scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs are easier for cats to digest because there is less protein in them than egg yolk has.

Can egg yolk cause cats constipation?


Egg yolk has a high number of proteins as well as fat and therefore causes cats constipation if your pet eats too much of them. In extreme cases, the mice may experience issues with their bowels that can cause diarrhea or even result in death, but eating egg yolks rarely leads to these consequences.

The recommended amount of egg yolk is about one tablespoon per day or according to the directions on the product that your cat eats.

If you notice that your pet has diarrhea, then stop giving it egg yolks immediately.

What about the egg yolk in scrambled eggs?

Egg yolks in scrambled eggs are easier for cats to digest because there is less protein in them than egg yolk has.

As a matter of fact, some cat owners feed their furry friends only scrambled eggs and nothing else. Which isn’t recommended but is still happening around us.

You shouldn’t give your kitty raw or hard boiled eggs though because your feline friend can’t properly digest them and this can cause a lot of issues to your cat’s health.

Another problem with raw eggs is the Salmonella bacteria, which may be found in raw eggs and cause salmonellosis to your kitty.

Can egg yolk make cats sick?

If you give your feline too much egg yolks, it can get sick.

An excess of proteins may lead to dehydration or a lack of necessary nutrients in your pet’s body due to the high amount of protein.

Egg yolks are not recommended for cats with inflammatory bowel diseases, pancreatitis, or food allergies because they exacerbate these conditions.

If your kitty has any of these conditions, it’s best to consult your veterinarian before giving your feline any egg yolks.

Egg yolk may also cause an allergic reaction in some kitties, which leads to skin issues.

Can cats eat fried egg yolk?

Cats can eat fried egg yolk.

If you have a cat, which is very healthy and not overweight, then cooked egg yolks are okay for it to consume.

However, if your furry friend has any of the conditions that we mentioned before or is on some kind of special diet then you should talk to your veterinarian about feeding it egg yolks.

Besides the high amount of proteins, which isn’t good for cats in general, eggs may also cause some problems to your pet’s health if you feed it fried ones.

The hot oil that is used for frying them can burn your kitty’s mouth and tongue or even cause blisters there and this is very painful for a cat.

What is the best way to feed my cat egg yolk?

You can give your furry friend scrambled eggs as an alternative to egg yolks, which makes it easier for them to digest and doesn’t contain as many proteins as the latter has.

And besides, scrambled eggs also have egg yolk in them so it’s a no-brainer to take less risk and still feed your cat egg yolk.