Can Cats Eat Flour? (The Risks!)

Yes, cats can eat flour or flour-made products.

However, do not feed your pet cat flour or floury products all the time, but only as rare treats once in a while.

Also do not feed your cat raw bread dough, as it may contain the yeast that will cause a fermentation that could lead to a toxic build-up of ethanol and other harmful alcohols.

Or it may simply just jam up her intestines and cause stomach aches.

When you decide to allow your cat to eat flour, it is important not to give them too much as this may cause obesity and other unwanted health conditions.  

More than anything else, carbs are what people should be watching out for when it comes to their cats.

And just like with most people, your cat will get obese if she eats too many carbs, so be careful of how much flour you give her.

If you do decide to feed your pet some flour products make sure they are not raw or whole-grain types because these could be dangerous to the health of your cat.

Instead, when it comes to feeding your pet cat some flour products they will benefit from a small amount of white or brown sugar sprinkled on top of their food.

Overall, cats can eat flour but should not be fed too much of it because this could lead to obesity, an upset stomach, or something else bad.

Can a cat die from eating flour?

A cat can eat flour but should not be given too much of it as this may have negative impacts on the cat’s health.

The flour, or a flour-made product, can clog a cat’s intestines and lead to a buildup of ethanol and harmful alcohols. When you decide to feed your pet some raw bread dough, they won’t digest it properly because there is still yeast inside of it that will cause fermentation.

What flour based food items can cats safely eat?

I can’t think of anything that would be safe for cats to eat. Most flour-based products either contain too much salt or contain too much sugar, both of which are harmful to your pet cat.

However, if you decide to make something at home for your cat to enjoy, make sure not to do this. (add too much salt and sugar, etc)