Can Cats Eat Grapes? (The Risks!)

No, cats shouldn’t eat grapes.

According to PetMD, “grapes can cause kidney failure in cats. And, a small amount can make a cat ill.”

They also mentioned that some cats don’t show ill effects, but even then, it’s best that you don’t take the chance and do not feed your pet cat grapes.

What to do if my cat ate grapes?

If your cat ate grapes, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. Then, try to figure out how much grapes were eaten and what types of grapes they ate. Your vet will decide a course of action from there.

Keep in mind that some cats react differently to grape toxicity than other cats do, so it’s important for your vet to know what type of grapes your cat ate.

If the diagnosis is not too serious, treatment might not be necessary and if so, it will simply be supportive care. If the grape intake was large or you think there might have been a potential for other toxins to have been consumed at the same time, then your vet may choose to induce vomiting or use other methods to prevent further absorption of the toxicants.

If treatment is needed, it can be administered via an intravenous line or orally. There are drugs that will stop the formation of bladder stones and regenerate damaged cells in the kidneys.

Can cats eat grape stems?

No, grape stems are just as toxic to pets as the grapes themselves. So do not even let your cat get close to grapes and their stems.

Can cats eat purple grapes?

No, grapes and grape products do not belong in a cat’s diet. Grapes are even more dangerous for your pet than raisins because they have been shown to cause kidney failure at only slightly higher quantities. The type of grape doesn’t matter either—all types of grapes should be kept away from pets.

Can cats eat white grapes?

No, grape products don’t belong in a cat’s diet. If you suspect that your kitty has eaten grapes or raisins, get in touch with your cat’s vet immediately.

Can cats eat cotton candy grapes?

No, cotton candy grapes are no better than other grapes. Cotton candy grapes are just as dangerous to your kitty as any other type of grape or raisin. Do not feed your cat anything that has the potential to be toxic.

Can cats eat grape-flavored snacks?

No, grape-flavored treats could potentially cause problems for your pet. It’s best to keep your cat away from these treats.