Can Cats Eat Oats? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, cats can eat oats.

Oats contain water, carbohydrates, and protein.

Cats cannot eat 100% oats because all of the nutrients in oats are found in their outer coatings or germ.

If this is removed, there isn’t much nutrition left for the cats to enjoy.

Whole grains such as brown rice and barley can be fed to cats without harm, though some cats may be allergic to these grains.

Some cats can also eat oatmeal, as long as it has been cooked and cooled.

Oats with molasses added are a good source of fiber, but make sure it is not too moist or the cat will choke on the food.

Can cats eat uncooked oats?

Never feed a cat uncooked oats or any type of uncooked grain.

This could cause the cat to develop a life-threatening condition known as an obstruction, which requires emergency surgery.

How are oats good for cats?

Oats may be good for your cat because they are high in fiber and protein.

(10.1 g of fiber per 100g, and 11.1g of protein per 100g)

They also contain beta-glucan, which promotes a stronger immune system.

The oats can help against diabetes by helping to balance glucose levels.

It is not recommended to give whole oats to diabetic cats, though; only use rolled or crushed oats.

Cats fed dry foods that are high in carbohydrates may benefit from the addition of fiber to their diets.

Are oats bad for cats?

Cats cannot live on oats alone because they do not contain all of the necessary nutrients a cat needs in order to survive.

Oats are mostly carbohydrates and fiber, but lack protein and any other micronutrients that a cat may need in its diet.  It is not recommended to feed cats oats as their only food source for this reason.

Oats contain no preservatives or additives, yet are not 100% natural either.

They are often processed in some way before being sold to consumers, which can cause digestive issues if they are digested improperly.

Grain crops tend to be treated with pesticides and other chemicals to improve the crop yield and size, which can affect the cat’s health if it consumes grains treated in this manner.

Pesticides and chemicals used to treat grain crops may not be completely removed when oats are processed, so residue from these treatments could remain and cause harm to the cat.

How are honey bunches of oats for cats?

Honey bunches of oats are a type of breakfast cereal that contains oats.

It is made up primarily of oat flour, sugar, and honey.

The fiber content comes from the oats themselves, as well as added bran and wheat germ.

There’s also an added vitamin and mineral blend to give it more nutrients.

Honey bunches of oats for cats will contain all the nutrients a cat needs in their diet, but should only be fed as a treat or snack.  

Cats cannot live on this food alone because it lacks certain important nutrients.  It is not recommended to feed your cat honey bunches of oats every day, only every once in a while.


Oats can be fed to cats as a treat or snack, but they cannot provide your cat with all of the nutrients it needs for survival and should not be fed every day.  

Honey bunches of oats is okay to feed occasionally because it contains all of the necessary nutrients the cat needs, but should also only be fed as a treat.