Can Cats Eat Sugar? (The Risks!)

Yes, cats can eat sugar.

However, even though sugar isn’t toxic to cats, you should still be moderate in feeding your cat sugar sources as too much sugar isn’t good for these cute little kitties.

Sugar is a carbohydrate. As with other carbohydrates, when consumed it will break down into glucose (a type of simple sugar/monosaccharide) in the stomach and be absorbed into your cat’s bloodstream. In the bloodstream, the glucose will provide energy to your cat as it metabolizes throughout its body.

In general, cats can eat sugar in moderation without any problems. However, if you give your cat too much of a good thing – just like us – they might have some negative effects from all that extra sugar.

Do cats like to eat sugar?

Cats can’t actually taste sugar, so it’s not really productive trying to feed your kitty sugary treats even though she doesn’t have the taste buds to taste sweets.

But if the product that contains sugar is beneficial for cats, like strawberries, or blueberries, then yes, cats can enjoy eating this sweet fruity treat.

What happens if my cat licks sugar?

Nothing, really. She won’t be able to taste the sweetness of the treat, but she will still be susceptible to the side effects of sugar if you feed your pet cat too much.

What are the side effects of giving my cat sugar?

Overfeeding your sweet little kitty with too many sugary treats might cause her to become obese. If she’s already fat, then feeding her extra sugars will make it harder for her to lose weight and make her a diabetic patient.

The extra carbs that are converted into glucose provide more energy for your cat. However, if she already has too much glucose in her bloodstream, then the extra carbs will make things worse by increasing her blood sugar levels even further.

Why can’t cats taste anything sweet?

Cats, unlike humans and many other animals, don’t have taste receptors for sweet tastes. This is because their natural diet does not include anything that is naturally very sweet. (as they eat mostly rodents and small birds and animals)

The fact that cats don’t have the taste receptor genes for detecting sweets means that they developed different nutritional needs than what would be required to detect sweetness in food.

Can cats have sugar water?

Yes, but again, she won’t be able to taste its sweetness, so if you’re just trying to feed her sugary water to let her taste its sweet taste, then you’re just going nowhere with this.