Can Cats Eat Walnuts? (The Risks!)

No, cats shouldn’t eat walnuts.

Walnuts contain a toxin called “juglone”. This toxin can cause vomiting, potential damage to the kidneys or liver. So don’t let your feline friend eat walnuts! Eating too many nuts or walnuts may also cause your cat to suffer from pancreatitis.

Can cats eat walnuts moderately?

It is not advised to let cats eat walnuts at all. Only small amounts are safe for cats, but why not give them something better instead?

What should I feed my cat instead of walnuts?

Try giving your cat some fresh fish, meat, or cereals. Try to serve them at room temperature. Furthermore, you could also feed your pet cat almonds, and peanuts if you really want to feed her nuts.

Are walnuts good for cats at all?

Only in small amounts! Walnuts can cause damage to your cat’s kidneys or liver.

Can cats eat walnuts raw?

Yes, they can eat raw walnuts. But they must be in very small amounts and never more than once per month.

How are walnut shells bad for cats?

Walnut shells are bad for cats because they can cause blockages. It’s better to give your cat some raw meat or cereals, or perhaps even other types of nuts that are less likely to harm your cat, such as almonds, and peanuts.