Can Chinchillas Eat Pineapple? (Benefits/Risks)

Chinchillas shouldn’t eat pineapple or do so in very limited quantities as they contain a high amount of water and sugar.

There is a chance that a chinchilla could get sick from eating pineapple, which is why it should be avoided.

A pineapple will provide a good source of fiber for your chin and the fruit will also provide some welcome moisture to help keep them hydrated.

However, because chinchillas are herbivores, they need to eat more plant-based foods than fruit.

Pineapple also contains bromelain, an enzyme that can be dangerous for chinchillas.

Pineapple is a delicious tropical fruit that is high in nutrients and moisture content. However, because pineapples are usually not found in the wild they should be avoided by chinchillas.

Fruit is sweet, which means it has more sugar than chinchillas need, and because pineapples are high in water content they can upset a chinchilla’s digestive system.

Because of the possible danger that pineapples pose to chinchillas, it is best to keep your chin away from this fruit. If your chin does get into some pineapple, make sure you take him/her to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Pineapple can be dangerous to chinchillas because of its bromelain content.

Bromelain is a protein-digesting enzyme that breaks down proteins into smaller particles, which means it could cause internal damage if your chin eats too much of it.

Pineapples are not a staple part of a chinchilla’s diet and because they have so many beneficial properties you should only feed them the occasional slice.

Can chinchillas eat dried pineapple?

Dried pineapple does not have nearly as much water as the fresh version of this fruit, so it is less likely to upset a chinchilla’s digestive system. However, dried pineapple also contains a lot fewer nutrients and fiber than fresh pieces of fruit do.

As with fresh pineapple, dried pineapple should be fed to chinchillas only occasionally.

Chinchillas are herbivores that need a diet high in fiber and plant-based foods, which is why they should not eat fruit like pineapples.

Chinchilla owners might enjoy sharing this tasty treat with their pets on occasion but it’s best to keep it as a special treat rather than a staple part of the diet.

What should I feed them instead of pineapple?

It is recommended that chinchillas eat a diet high in the hay, grass, and leafy greens. This will mimic the environment they would usually live in and provide them with a variety of nutrients.

Can I mix pineapple with hay and feed my chinchilla?

Yes, you can mix pineapple with hay so that the chinchilla eats it at his/her own pace.

However, the piece of fruit should be small enough that your chin can finish it in one sitting. Also, make sure that there is no mold on the pineapple before giving it to your chinchilla.


To conclude, a chinchilla should not eat pineapple as it is high in water and sugar content. Also, the fruit contains some potentially dangerous enzymes that could upset your chin’s digestive system if eaten.

It is recommended that chinchillas eat hay, leafy greens, and grass as these provide them with all the nutrients they need to stay healthy.