Can Chinchillas Eat Timothy Hay? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, chinchillas can eat timothy hay. In fact, timothy hay is one of the best food items you can give to your pet chinchilla.

Timothy hay is a great alternative to classic chinchilla food, which includes alfalfa hay and pellet food.

In addition to being cheaper than pellets, timothy hay has plenty of benefits for your pet chinchillas.

First of all, timothy hay is a good source of fiber. This is especially important for chinchillas that are not really active since the increased fiber intake will help them stay healthy.

When compared to other fibers, timothy hay is lower in calcium and phosphorus. However, this makes it an ideal choice for chinchillas with urinary problems or kidney stones.

Finally, timothy hay is also a great source of vitamins and minerals. This is especially important for young chinchillas and chinchillas with growing problems, which need a lot of nutrients to develop properly.

However, there are some things you should keep in mind before providing your pet with timothy hay.

First of all, make sure that the hay you’re buying does not contain any moisture or dust.

Also, do not feed your chinchillas moldy timothy hay. If the hay is dusty, it should be processed before reaching pet stores.

What hay can chinchillas not eat?

Well, timothy hay is one of the hay chinchillas can eat. However, there are some other types of hay that you should avoid.

One of the best examples is alfalfa hay, which can be too rich for chinchillas. Therefore, only give your pet small quantities at a time.

Also, while cimicifuga (blackberry) and common ragweed (mugwort) are not toxic for chinchillas, they have a lot of tannins. As a result, it is best to avoid feeding them with these types of hay.

However, although cimicifuga and common ragweed are currently being studied by the scientific community, chinchillas can eat other types of hay that are unlikely to cause any problems.

In addition, chinchillas cannot eat hay that was sprayed with pesticides or trees that were treated to prevent diseases.

Can chinchillas eat just hay?

Well, to a certain extent, yes. In fact, hay can be a great dietary supplement for your pet chinchilla.

However, you should not feed your chinchillas only with hay. Also, it is recommended to provide your bitches with timothy hay during pregnancy and lactation.

Which cut of hay is best for chinchillas?

It depends. As we mentioned earlier, you should avoid moist and dusty hay. However, there is no need to buy an expensive type of hay.

For example, the less expensive cut of timothy hay does not mean that it is worse than other types of hay. You should always go for quality rather than quantity when shopping for things to feed your pet chinchillas.

Which Timothy hay is best for chinchillas?

First of all, you should always go for high-quality timothy hay.

Since chinchillas are prone to obesity, it is better to feed them with low-calorie hay. In this case, the lower the fiber content is, the fewer calories will be found in a given quantity of food.