Can Chinchillas Eat Tomatoes? (Benefits/Risks)

Chinchillas shouldn’t eat tomatoes as they’re too acidic. Chinchillas digest their food rapidly and the uric acid they excrete is also rapidly processed by their kidneys.

The result of this can be bladder stones (the equivalent to humans getting kidney stones), which will ultimately lead to death if not treated immediately.

Just like chicken soup, there isn’t necessarily anything medically beneficial about eating tomatoes for chinchillas.

However, it may be a good treat for them if given in moderation along with hay and other leafy vegetables. In this case, the benefits of eating tomatoes for chinchillas are primarily just to keep their diet balanced.

Tomatoes are not a part of a chinchilla’s natural diet, so they should avoid eating them. In this case, the risks of eating tomatoes for chinchillas outweigh the benefits.

Can I mix tomatoes with hay?

No, they should not. Chinchillas do well on a diet of hay and other leafy greens, and tomatoes will just add unnecessary sugars to their diet which can lead to health problems down the road.

Chinchillas eat mainly hay and they sometimes nibble on fresh vegetables such as carrots or lettuce for treats, but they shouldn’t eat tomatoes.

When it comes to eating, fruit is actually bad for chinchillas. Fruit contains high amounts of sugar and they shouldn’t eat it at all.

Instead, their diet should be strictly hay, grass hays (timothy/oat), and specialized chinchilla food with no seeds or nuts in it. Food with too many sugars or too much calcium can lead to bloat, kidney stones, and other health problems.

Although it’s a good idea not to feed them fruit at all, since they’re very sugary and often acidic which is bad for their digestive tract, mixing in some tomatoes or tomato juice with their hay isn’t going to cause any major problems.

In this case, the risks of feeding them tomatoes are not very high.

As long as they’re given in moderation along with hay and other leafy vegetables that are part of their natural diet, then these treats aren’t going to cause any digestion problems for chinchillas.

Can chinchillas eat tomatoes in moderation?

Chinchillas can eat tomatoes in moderation. They should not be given too often or in large portions, but just occasionally as a treat with their hay is fine.

Chinchillas eat hay and occasionally some fresh vegetables like carrots or lettuce for treats. They should not have tomatoes, as they’re too acidic for chinchillas to digest.

As long as they’re given along with hay and other leafy greens that are part of their natural diet, then it’s ok to feed them a few tomatoes.

Even though it’s not particularly beneficial, giving them a few tomatoes along with hay and other leafy greens isn’t going to hurt them too much. The risks for this are low.


In conclusion, chinchillas can’t eat tomatoes because it is harmful to their digestive system and kidneys.

There aren’t any benefits to eating tomatoes for chinchillas, however, it can be given as a treat if their diet is supplemented with hay, vegetables, and other fruit.