Can Cockatiels Eat Grass? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, cockatiels can eat grass. Cockatiels benefit from eating grass by getting nutrients, fiber, and vitamins that are essential to their health.

If your pet cockatiel has ever gotten into some of the greenery in your garden or yard, then they have probably eaten some grass.

Cockatiels prefer to eat tender blades of fresh grass shoots and seeds (and seed pods).

They are not able to obtain nutrients or digest the tough cellulose that makes up stems, but they will often pull apart the grass blades to obtain the tender insides.

Cockatiels should be given access to safe, pesticide-free grass so that they can eat what they want.

The best place for your pet bird to eat grass is outdoors, but if you can’t let your cockatiel free-range outdoors or don’t have a yard with grass, then find an open space indoors where they can eat grass.

The benefits of eating grass are not known for sure. A few owners suggest that the act of eating the plant helps reduce feather plucking.

The roughage from the grass helps keep their digestive system working well.

In addition, many owners give their cockatiel a dish of millet spray as a treat. This gives them the opportunity to eat some seed heads and fronds at the same time that they are eating grass.

Do cockatiels like to eat grass?

Yes. Cockatiels love to eat grass since it is a natural food for them in the wild.

They enjoy eating the tender young blades of grass that are still growing and haven’t yet fully opened into flower stalks or seedpods.

Having an open space where your cockatiel can eat grass has benefits beyond just allowing them to satisfy their need to eat grass.

It also encourages them to be more active and healthy, as they search for food that is growing naturally in a wild setting rather than being fed on an artificial diet.

Is grass toxic to birds?

The grass is not known to be toxic to birds, including cockatiels. Cockatiels can eat grass safely and without worry or concern that it will harm their health or cause them any problems.

How often should I give my cockatiel grass?

Since the benefits of eating grass are not known for sure, there really is no specific time frame when you should give your cockatiel grass, or how often.

It is safe and beneficial to allow them to eat grass as they want.

Cockatiels will naturally crave grass when there is a need for it in their diet, and they will search for it on their own once given the opportunity to do so.

Does grass provide any nutritional value for cockatiels?

Grass provides some nutritional value for cockatiels, but it is not known what exact nutrients are included.

Many owners provide their pet cockatiels with a dish of grass to eat as part of their daily diet or offer wild grass growing outdoors in order to help them satisfy the need to eat grass.