Can Dogs Drink Mouthwash? (The Risks!)

No, dogs can’t drink mouthwash, unless it’s a dog-friendly mouthwash made specifically for dogs, then there may not be an issue if your pet dog swallows some accidentally.

However, human mouthwashes are completely unacceptable for dogs to use, let alone a dog drinking human mouthwash.

The mouthwash most people use is not meant for dogs, regardless of the brand. Even if your dog does drink it, they’re very unlikely to suffer any serious consequences.

The biggest risk is that your pet might get sick from ingesting the alcohol in their mouthwash, which could lead to nausea or vomiting.

Also, some dog-safe mouthwashes use essential oils, which could irritate your dog’s mouth or stomach. So make sure you do your research before offering mouthwash to your pet.

The biggest reason for not giving dogs human mouthwash is that it has components specifically designed for humans, and these are harmful to the health of dogs if ingested.

Alcohol is the main ingredient in mouthwash that makes it harmful to dogs.