Can Dogs Eat Brazil Nuts? (Benefits/Risks)

Maybe not. Dogs can eat brazil nuts, however, eating one or two isn’t an issue, but feeding more could upset your dog’s stomach and cause pancreatitis.

Brazil nuts are also high in fat and are difficult for your dog to digest.

Reasons to avoid brazil nuts for dogs

Brazil nuts are loaded with a fatty acid called Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). This acid is very good for the health and well-being of humans but it can cause a variety of problems in dogs. The main reaction caused by eating too much CLA is pancreatitis, an inflammation of the dog’s pancreas.

How much is too much?

Most dogs have very little reaction to eating a small number of brazil nuts. If your dog eats two or three in a row, then that might be an issue.

A 50 lb (22 kg) Labrador Retriever can eat up to 35 nuts but that’s still a small percentage of their total diet. There are no studies on how many nuts would cause problems in smaller dogs, but I’d be careful with even one or two.

Can dogs eat brazil nuts once in a while?

Yes, if once in a while you feed only one or two brazil nuts to your dog, then that isn’t likely to cause any serious problems but if the number is higher than that then I wouldn’t take the chance.

Why are Brazil nuts so bad for dogs?

Brazil nuts are high in fat and that’s difficult for dogs to digest. The high-fat content can also cause pancreatitis if you feed too many brazil nuts.

The fruits of the Brazil nut tree have a hard husk on them, which is extremely bitter. Humans usually remove the fruit from the shell prior to eating it, but one or two will not make a difference.

Dogs don’t have the same sensibilities as humans and might find the bitter taste to be appealing, so they would eat more than one or two nuts at a time.

Can overweight dogs eat brazil nuts?

No, overweight dogs especially shouldn’t eat brazil nuts. They are high in fat and your dog already has problems with digesting fats. Adding on the fat from brazil nuts will only make their digestion worse and make them gain even more weight.

Should pregnant dogs eat brazil nuts?

They are low in protein but they do contain a lot of vitamins and minerals so I wouldn’t recommend that you feed them to your dog on a regular basis. But, one or two once in a while is okay for her as long as they don’t have any other health problems.

Is switching to a low-fat diet enough?

No, you need to go further than that. You should switch your dog’s food to something like Wellness Core for overweight dogs or Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diet for dogs with sensitive stomachs. These foods are low in fat and high in protein which will help your dog lose weight without having to eat fewer calories.

Should you feed brazil nuts only to small dogs?

Because most of the damage is caused by a high-fat diet, small dogs are less susceptible to the potential problems of brazil nuts than larger dogs.

Larger dogs are more likely to eat more at one time and that can cause problems with their digestion. So, you should be a bit more careful with the smaller breeds.