Can Dogs Eat Frozen Yogurt? (The Risks!)

Yes, dogs can eat frozen yogurt.

However, make sure that the frozen yogurt you want to feed your dog isn’t commercial and is instead homemade and you prepared it yourself without any added sugars.

Because commercial frozen yogurt is loaded with sugars and may cause intestinal upset and diarrhea to your dog.

Make sure you only give the amount of frozen yogurt suggested to you by your veterinarian.

Since too much sugar, even natural sugars such as those found in fresh fruits and vegetables can cause gastrointestinal upset and diarrhea.

Can dogs eat strawberry frozen yogurt?

If you bought this strawberry frozen yogurt from a store somewhere, do not let your dog eat it. But if you prepared it yourself and you know that there isn’t much sugar content in this strawberry frozen yogurt, then yes, you can feed your dog strawberry frozen yogurt.

Can dogs have vanilla frozen yogurt?

The same goes for this one as with the strawberry frozen yogurt. If you’ve prepared it yourself and you didn’t add extra sugar that may put your dog at risk of blood sugar level spike or diarrhea, then yes you can feed your dog vanilla frozen yogurt.

If it comes from some brand commercially, do not feed it to your pet dog.

What should I feed my dog instead of frozen yogurt?

Try giving your dog some plain fresh yogurt.

This way, you can make sure you control the amount of sugar your dog gets when he eats his servings of yogurt.

Most dogs love to eat yogurt that’s why it’s easy to just give them some plain fresh yogurt instead.

You can even mix in some fruit or plain canned pureed pumpkin with this yogurt while avoiding sugar and things like raisins which are toxic to dogs.