Can Dogs Eat Grapefruit? (The Risks!)

No, dogs cannot eat grapefruit.

Grapefruit is very acidic and may cause stomach issues for your pet dog because it’s toxic to dogs.

They may cause vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, intestinal damage, increased thirst due to water deprivation, and urinary tract irritation.

Certain dogs are more sensitive than others but it is best not to even let your dog ingest grapefruit even in small amounts as it can cause side effects.

Will grapefruit hurt my dog?

Yes, eating grapefruit can lead to side effects in dogs.

Here is why: Grapefruits contain chemicals that are different from the chemicals in other citrus fruits like oranges. While humans have adapted to these chemicals so it doesn’t harm us, dogs may not have evolved enough to handle such chemical compounds and thus can be harmed by them.

Is grapefruit safe for dogs to smell?

No, even sniffing grapefruit can cause side effects in dogs.

Dogs have a sense of smell that is at least somewhere between 10,000 to 100,000 times more powerful than a human’s and they rely heavily on this sense.

Their olfactory nerve endings are closer to the nasal openings and pick up scents better than people, hence why dogs use their noses when playing with us.

Since grapefruit is so strong smelling, this can be overwhelming for your dog and harm him/her.

Are grapefruits toxic to dogs?

Yes, grapefruits are not only non-toxic to dogs but they’re toxic for reasons mentioned above.

It is best to keep your dog away from grapefruit or any food that contains grapefruit juice.

Can dogs eat grapefruit seeds?

No, grapefruit seeds are also toxic to dogs so should be kept away from them at all times.

Grapefruit seeds contain a chemical called psoralen which is highly poisonous to not just dogs but humans as well.

If ingested, it can lead to dizziness, skin inflammation and blistering, nausea, vomiting stomach cramps, diarrhea, and more.

Can dogs eat grapefruit skin?

No grapefruit skin is also toxic to dogs.

The peel in itself may not be harmful, but it’s the chemicals that are used to make grapefruits more appealing for human consumption such as wax and pesticides that can harm your dog if ingested.

Can dogs drink grapefruit juice?

No, grapefruit juice and pulp are also not good for dogs.

Even though it’s fruit pulp and juice, the chemicals added to make it more appealing may be harmful to your dog.

It’s best to keep your dog away from any food that contains grapefruit juice or pulp as well.

Can puppies eat grapefruit?

No, puppies should also not have any grapefruit.

They are still developing their immune system and it is best to keep them away from harmful foods like grapefruit until they’re fully grown.

Can elderly dogs eat grapefruit?

Older dogs may be more sensitive to grapefruit because their immune system likely isn’t as strong as when they were younger.

It’s best that even older dogs aren’t fed with grapefruits and get a vet’s opinion before feeding them grapefruit-based foods.

Can pregnant dogs eat grapefruit?

No, dogs that are pregnant should not have grapefruits either.

It’s best to keep your dog away from grapefruit while she is pregnant because we don’t know what effect it may have on the unborn puppies and mom herself.

Can boxer dogs eat grapefruit?

Boxers are also a breed of dogs that should not have grapefruit.

It’s best to keep them away from grapefruits at all times especially when they’re puppies and pregnant or nursing their own litters.

Can diabetic dogs eat grapefruit?

Dogs with diabetes should also stay away from grapefruits.

Even if your diabetic dog is currently not taking any medications and insulin injections, it’s best to keep him/her away from grapefruit because the chemicals in grapefruit may not be able to metabolize properly and can raise his blood sugar levels even more.

Can weenie dogs eat grapefruit?

Yes, weenie dogs can eat grapefruit.

Although some dogs cannot have grapefruits such as boxers and weenies, these two breeds of dogs are the exceptions to this rule.

How much grapefruit can kill a dog?

As long as he/she doesn’t have grapefruit often or doesn’t have a small dog body, it’s unlikely that any grapefruit will cause your dog to die.

However, many dogs (and people) have allergies to citrus fruit like oranges and grapefruits so ingesting too much of them can make your dog sick for an extended period of time.

It might even cause him/her to vomit, have diarrhea, and experience difficulty breathing.