Can Dogs Eat Hazelnuts? (The Risks!)

Yes, dogs can eat hazelnuts.

However, hazelnuts are not recommended for your dog. Though they’re not toxic, nuts usually give your dogs an upset stomach or cause intestinal obstruction that may lead to serious digestive issues.

So avoid feeding your dog hazelnuts or any other type of nuts long-term.

You can however feed hazelnuts to your dog once in a while as a special rare treat if your dog likes eating these, otherwise, it’s best that you avoid hazelnuts altogether.

Can dogs eat hazelnuts raw?

Yes, dogs can eat hazelnuts raw.

There are no known side effects or risks of feeding your dog raw hazelnuts.

However, make sure that the hazelnuts you feed to your dog are fresh and pesticide-free.

Even though there’s nothing wrong with feeding your dog hazelnut skins, it’s also good to peel the skins off prior to feeding them.

The thin skin of hazelnuts might be tough for your dog to digest.

You should also consider how many hazelnuts you’ll feed your dog. Because nuts are high in fat and calories, it’s best not to feed your dogs too much.

Can dogs eat hazelnut ice cream?

Yes, as long as the ice cream doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners like xylitol, which is highly toxic to dogs and can lead to poisoning.

The only difference is that feeding your dog hazelnut ice cream will take longer since nuts tend to melt faster than regular ice cream.

What should I feed my dog instead of hazelnuts?

If your dog is asking for something to chew on, you can always feed them some tasty and healthy dog chews such as bully sticks or deer antlers. You can also feed them some peanut butter or a handful of fresh fruits and veggies.

Just avoid feeding them chocolate, candy, or any other human food that contains high amounts of sugar.

In addition, remember that once in a while feeding your dog hazelnuts as a special treat is okay.