Can Dogs Eat Mixed Nuts? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, dogs can eat mixed nuts, as long as they’re all safe for dogs and are not high in fat like cashews, almonds, walnuts.

High-fat nuts can cause digestive problems to your dog and can also cause vomiting, diarrhea, and pancreatitis.

Fatty nuts are also not as nutritious and can cause dogs to gain weight if they eat too many of them.

If you’re giving your dog mixed nuts, make sure it’s just a small amount.

Will Mixed nuts hurt my dog?

No, mixed nuts won’t hurt your dog as long as they’re safe for pets and aren’t high in fat like cashews, almonds, walnuts.

Can puppies eat mixed nuts?

Yes, puppies can eat mixed nuts, but it depends on their size.  If your puppy is small and the mixed nut you’re planning to give him are big in size, cut them into smaller pieces before giving them to your dog because they could choke if it’s too big for their throat.

Can pregnant dogs eat mixed nuts?

Yes, pregnant dogs can eat mixed nuts.  Of course, you should be careful about what kind of mixed nuts you give to your dog and how much of it.

Mixed nuts are not the best choice for your dog if it’s pregnant or lactating since they’re concentrated sources of protein which can lead to overfeeding and can cause complications to your dog and puppies.

Can old dogs eat mixed nuts?

Yes, old dogs can eat mixed nuts but it depends on the condition of their teeth.  Older dogs tend to have bad teeth because they get worn out as time goes by. If you’re giving your older dog mixed nuts with hard shells or that has lots of shells, it might be hard for them to chew on it, or even swallow.

Can lactating dogs eat mixed nuts?

Yes, lactating dogs can eat mixed nuts.  Again, it depends on how much you give to your dog.

As we’ve said before, too much protein is not good for pregnant or lactating dogs since they’re concentrated sources of protein which can lead to overfeeding and complications during pregnancy or while the mother dog is nursing her puppies.

Can sick dogs eat mixed nuts?

No, sick dogs shouldn’t eat mixed nuts.  It may worsen their condition and make them worse.  

If your dog is not feeling well, consult a vet first before giving them anything to eat to avoid complications from happening.

If you want to give your dog something to eat while it is sick, prepare a special meal that is easy for your dog to digest.

Foods like chicken rice porridge, cooked meat with shredded green papaya, boiled eggs, or sliced banana are good options for dogs who aren’t feeling well.


Dogs can eat mixed nuts as long as they’re not high in fat. If you give your dog too many, it could cause digestive problems and weight gain. Make sure to cut the nuts if they are big for your puppy’s throat because he may choke on them if they go down his windpipe.