Can Dogs Eat Orange Chicken? (The Risks!)

Yes, dogs can eat orange chicken safely; however, only in very small quantities. Like one or two pieces of the orange-flavored chicken… maybe once a week?

If dogs eat more than a very small quantity of this chicken, then they would get digestive problems like vomiting and diarrhea.

Indeed, they could even die from intestinal blockage caused by chicken bones if they ingested too much.

Beyond orange chicken, dogs can also eat regular (non-orange flavored) chicken as long as it is cooked, and does not contain any bones.

Dogs cannot consume raw chicken because the bacteria in uncooked chicken could harm their digestive system.

To prevent health problems, try to avoid giving your dog too much of any type of meat or food that has bones.

Can dogs have Panda Express Orange Chicken?

It’s mentioned on their website that their “Outdoor tables are dog friendly.”, and nothing specifically if the orange chicken is dog-friendly or not.

However, you could still feed the Panda Express orange chicken to your dog if it doesn’t contain any spices, garlic, or onions.

Is orange chicken bad for dogs?

The issue with orange chicken is that, like regular chicken, it contains bones.

Dogs cannot eat raw chicken because the bacteria in uncooked food would harm their digestive system.

While cooked bones are even more dangerous because they can break easily and rupture your dog’s intestines while eating.

If you can’t resist feeding your dog some of the orange chicken, make sure to remove any and all bones before letting them eat it.

Also, do not feed them orange chicken more than once or twice a week, and each time give them only one to two pieces at max.

Can puppies eat orange chicken?

If your dog is still a puppy then you should not feed them anything with bones.

This includes orange chicken, so keep it away from them until they are completely grown.