Can Dogs Eat Sun Dried Tomatoes? (The Risks!)

Yes, dogs can eat sun dried tomatoes.

However, dogs can only eat sun-dried tomatoes if they do not contain any additives like garlic and onions.

If your sun-dried tomatoes do not contain any hazardous ingredients, you may add one or two finely chopped pieces to your dog’s diet or feed them straight from the jar.

Are sun-dried tomatoes edible?

Yes, sun-dried tomatoes are edible for both humans and dogs.

While the process of making sun-dried tomatoes does involve some oil, this is mainly used to prevent mold from growing on the fruit during storage. The amount of oil used in the food is generally negligible and will not pose a problem when consumed by a dog.

Are sun-dried tomatoes bad for dogs?

There is no evidence to support the idea that sun-dried tomatoes are bad for dogs unless they contain garlic and onions as mentioned before that you should avoid.

However, sun-dried tomatoes do contain a lot of salt and sugar which means they should not be fed in large quantities.

Also, dogs should never eat whole sun-dried tomatoes in one sitting as a seed may get stuck between their teeth or throat.

Are sun-dried tomatoes good for dogs?

Sun-dried tomatoes are a good source of dietary fiber and contain some iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium so feeding your dog some once in a while is not going to hurt them.

On the other hand, sun-dried tomatoes may pose a choking hazard when consumed whole. This is especially true for smaller dogs who cannot chew larger foods properly.

Also note that sun-dried tomatoes may contain a higher sugar content, which is not ideal for dogs with diabetes.

Regardless of whether your dog can eat sun-dried tomatoes or not, always monitor how much they are eating to ensure that they do not overeat.

Can puppies eat sun-dried tomatoes?

Yes, puppies can eat sun-dried tomatoes.

But keep in mind that the small amount of added salt and sugar should be monitored. If your puppy is diabetic or has a condition like a kidney disease, make sure to check with your doctor before adding this ingredient to their diet.

Should elderly dogs eat sun-dried tomatoes?

Elderly dogs can eat sun-dried tomatoes.

It is important to monitor the added salt and sugar content in their diet when feeding them this type of food. While it may pose a choking risk, if your senior dog has good dental health then it should be fine to have a few pieces.

Can sick dogs eat sun-dried tomatoes?

Sick dogs can eat sun-dried tomatoes.

The added sugar and salt should be monitored, but otherwise, there are no reasons for your dog not to have it.

For instance, some dog owners who own diabetic dogs still offer their pets small amounts of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables so long as they do not cause any health problems.

Does sun drying a tomato make it dangerous for dogs?

Sun-drying a tomato does not make it dangerous for dogs.

The process of making sun-dried tomatoes simply involves exposing the fruit to heat and air until they are dried. This allows the sugar content to become more concentrated, but this is still safe for your dog unless it contains other hazardous ingredients like garlic or onion powder which you should avoid giving them.

When feeding your dog sun-dried tomatoes, it is important to keep in mind that they are high in salt and sugar content. One or two pieces once in a while should not pose any problems for your pooch but do monitor how much they are eating.

There is no need to be worried about the small amount of oil used when making sun-dried tomatoes. Since this ingredient is simply used to prevent mold, it should not cause any problems for your dog.

Although there are no specific studies on the effects of eating sun-dried tomatoes when it comes to dogs, there is still no need to be concerned that this ingredient will hurt your pet in any way.

However, no matter what type of food you give your dog, including vegetables and fruits, it is always a good idea to monitor how much they eat.

The best way to feed sun-dried tomatoes to your dog is as snacks or treats and not as a main course since there is added salt, sugar, and oil that should only be given in moderation.


Yes, dogs can eat sun-dried tomatoes.  However, avoid feeding them garlic and onions which may be harmful to your dog’s health.

Do not give your dog whole pieces of sun-dried tomatoes as there is a risk they might get stuck between their teeth or throat and choke on it.