Do Basenjis Bark? (The Secret Truth)

No, Basenjis don’t bark, but they make noises that you may call “yodel” or “woo-woo”.

When you hear these noises, they are telling you that the dog is happy.

When a dog is happy he goes yodel or woo-woo. The noise will be coming from deep inside the throat of the basenji, so it may sound like barking, but it isn’t really.

The noise also comes when the dog is curious. If your basenji pup wonders what that sound is coming from outside, he will try to find out and then go yodel or woo-woo.

It means that they are still very young and want to explore their surroundings.

Another time they may do this type of noise is a little bit for a different reason. When a basenji pup has been beaten, he will start to do yodel or woo-woo as if to try and say “I’m not hurt, what have you done?”.

And so it’s also a type of protection because the dog doesn’t feel that it needs help from you. It just shows that he is a strong dog and capable of finding his own way in the world, so it’s a way for him to protect himself from being hurt.

It can also be a warning sound if your basenji wants to communicate danger – then the noise would be “watch out”.

Sometimes they may bark, but this is more like a warning and it means: “I’m here, and I want to be the one who decides what we will do next”.

Another noise that your basenji will make is when he wants to play. Then you can hear a very happy bark coming from him, but again this isn’t barking.

Why does the Basenji dog not bark?

The Basenji dog does not bark because the breed is from Africa and was originally used to hunt. Barking would give away the location of the hunter and his prey to the animals he was hunting.

This is why now this breed will not bark – it would be useless.

But because the Basenji dog also hunts alongside humans, they still make noises like woofing and yodeling to communicate with other dogs and people.

Now that these dogs are kept as pets, they bark more than before. So don’t be alarmed if you find that your Basenji dog is making some unusual sounds. This does not mean that your dog is ill or sick.

Are Basenjis really Barkless? Or can they sometimes bark.

Basenjis can sometimes bark. They may do this when they want to play, or if they feel like they need to protect themselves.

The breed does not bark a lot, because the Quaintrelle people kept them as hunting dogs.

However, because Basenjis are now kept as pets they can bark more often.

Sometimes this will be for no real reason, but it is best to take your dog to a vet if you find that he or she starts barking all the time.

A Basenji’s bark is nothing like a common dog’s bark, however, and it may even sound like a high-pitched yodel or woo-woo noise.

This is because the breed barks differently from other dogs; they bark very little and only once in a while.