Do Border Collies Shed? (The Secret Truth)

Yes, border collies do shed. Border collies have double coats, meaning that they have two layers of fur covering them.

Each hair in the double coat is made up of a coarse, thick strand called outer coat and a soft, fine undercoat.

When there is more shedding it usually occurs in warmer weather because the dog sheds the undercoat. The shed fur gets tangled in the other strands causing them to fall out.

Border collies are shedders, but they do not need frequent grooming as long as you brush them on a weekly basis to remove the undercoat that is about to shed.

In general, border collies do not shed heavily or excessively year-round or throughout all seasons of the year. You will notice increased shedding during seasonal shifts and in warm weather.

During shedding season your border collie will need to be brushed more often.

However, brushing is not an easy task and can be quite frustrating for both you and the dog if not done regularly and correctly.

How bad to Border Collies shed?

Most of the time, border collies don’t shed as much as other dogs since they have a top coat and an undercoat.

The topcoat is made up of tough guard hairs that protect the dog from abrasion and weather conditions.

The undercoat is soft and fine, which keeps a border collie cool. The undercoat also gives them the woolly appearance for which they are known.

The topcoat and undercoat grow continually, but shed at different rates; usually, the topcoat sheds faster than the undercoat.

How do I stop my border collie from shedding?

To control the amount of shedding, you will need to brush or comb your dog.

The frequency with which you should do this depends on the length and texture of your border collie’s coat.

Short-haired dogs generally shed less than long-haired dogs but both types benefit from regular grooming sessions throughout the year.

Combing or brushing your border collie regularly will help to remove loose fur and prevent it from becoming matted.

Do border collies shed more than golden retrievers?

Border collies are shedders, but not excessively.

Golden retrievers shed more than border collies, but both breeds require some grooming to keep their coats healthy.

Mature golden retrievers shed less often than juvenile ones, which may be similar in shedding to border collies since they are also on the larger side of medium-sized dog breeds.

If your golden retriever is not shedding, then you will need to take them for a checkup with their vet. You should also have your border collie’s coat checked if they are not shedding excessively or all of the time.

Do short haired border collies shed?

The short-haired border collie will have an undercoat that is close to the skin.

This layer of fur protects them from the elements just as it does on long-haired border collies.

Short-haired border collies are usually not heavy shedders, but you should be aware that their coat sheds an equal amount of fur to long-haired border collies.