Do Cocker Spaniels Shed? (The Secret Truth)

Yes, cocker spaniels shed. During certain weather, cocker spaniels shed more often.

Cockers shed consistently as a breed, however, there are climate factors that affect the severity of the shedding.

In general, cocker spaniels have a single coat and they shed constantly.

In the winter months, the amount of shedding is increased compared to other seasons because cocker spaniels increase their grooming behavior in colder weather.

Cockers shed less in the summer and springtime, but this varies depending on location and climate.

However, there is no pattern for how often cocker spaniels shed and there are many factors that contribute to how much they can shed: environmental conditions (humidity level), food, age, and genetics each play a role.

Cocker spaniel shedding patterns are not well-documented because the amount of shedding varies depending on location and climate, but they do shed consistently as a breed.

In warmer months, cockers may brush their coats more often to keep themselves cool.

Cockers will increase grooming behavior with colder weather as well, which can decrease the amount of shedding, but only temporarily.

Cockers do not have a heavy undercoat, so they are highly susceptible to the cold, which can increase their grooming behavior significantly leading to less shed fur littering homes.

However, this does not apply during the summer months because cocker spaniel grooming behaviors are much lower.

How bad does a cocker spaniel shed?

Cockers are considered one of the breeds that sheds the least amount, although this is relative to other breeds.

Individual cocker spaniels can vary in their shedding; there is no guarantee how much they will shed based on breed alone.

Their hair does not mat easily and cockers do not typically need frequent grooming like other dogs.

The hair that does shed will likely end up on couches or around the house, not in their fur unless they are frequently brushed.

Cockers may significantly reduce shedding when shampooed because dogs with clean, healthy coats tend to lose less hair overall.

However, this is not true for all dogs; it varies depending on the individual coat of each dog.

Cockers are considered low to moderate shedders, but this is relative to other breeds.

How do I stop my cocker spaniel from shedding?

There is no way to stop a cocker spaniel from shedding.

However, there are steps you can take to make the amount of shed fur less noticeable:

Brushing your cocker spaniel at least once every couple of days will help remove loose hair before it has a chance to get on furniture and carpets, but this will not stop the shedding.

Brushing your dog regularly can help reduce the amount of hair that ends up around your house and on furniture by removing loose, dead hair before it has a chance to fall off.

Cockers need daily brushings because they produce less oil in their skin than other breeds, which leads to dry itchy skin and increased shedding.

Do cocker spaniels shed more as puppies?

Cockers may shed more when they are puppies because their skin is sensitive and they need to stretch it out, but they typically reach adult size by 6 months of age.