Do Collies Shed? (The Secret Truth)

Yes, collies shed seasonally, and in warmer weather. They will shed their undercoat in the late summer when they adopt a more lightweight coat for the hotter months.

Collies are herding dogs and were bred to work long and often in harsh conditions.

As such, collies have a very strong immune system and shed quite a little hair in comparison to other breeds. However, collies do shed year-round and will need to be brushed every day.

It is recommended that you brush your collie at least once a week (for 8-minutes) in order to remove the dead hairs from their undercoat and help prevent matting. This helps them remain clean and healthy, and their coats remain soft and shiny.

Collies are better than other breeds for allergy sufferers because they shed little to no hair at all.

During warmer weather collies will change their coat from a waterproof winter one to a lighter summer coat with long hair on the face and legs.

Collies in cooler climates may not see such a change.

Do not bathe collies too often, as it removes some of the natural oils in their skin. Bathing once every few months is more than enough to keep them clean and healthy.

Do collie mixes shed?

Collie/Shepherd mixes will shed more than the average collie, particularly if they have a lot of shepherd in them.

However, with proper grooming habits and brushing sessions, they should not be too much trouble to keep clean.

All dogs shed.

Short-haired breeds tend to require less upkeep then longer-haired ones.

Collies are long-haired dogs – they require regular brushing to remove dead hairs. Most collie owners brush their dog at least once a week for 8 minutes, often more often than that depending on coat density and weather conditions.

Short haired mixes should be groomed similarly to the long haired mix. If they have shorter hair, you may need to brush them daily.

How to stop collies from shedding?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to stop collies from shedding will vary depending on each individual dog’s coat and grooming habits. However, some tips to help reduce shedding include:

  • Brushing your dog regularly (at least once a week)
  • Bathing your dog only when necessary
  • Feeding your dog a high-quality diet that is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Providing your dog with plenty of exercise
  • Not over-bathing your dog
  • Using a high-quality deshedding shampoo once or twice a month

Is collies shedding manageable?

Yes, most collie owners find that their dog’s shedding is quite manageable with a little bit of regular brushing.

Some simple tips for reducing shedding include brushing your dog regularly (at least once a week), bathing them only when necessary, feeding them a high-quality diet, and providing them with plenty of exercise.

They can also be deshedded with a high-quality deshedding shampoo.

Collies are one of the best breeds for allergy sufferers because they shed very little hair. They require regular grooming sessions to keep them clean, healthy, and mat-free.

All dogs shed, however long haired breeds will need more maintenance than short haired breeds.

Collies fall somewhere in between the two.

Their grooming requirements will vary depending on coat type and climate conditions, but they can be maintained with regular brushing sessions and a high-quality deshedding shampoo every month or two.