Do English Springer Spaniels Shed? (The Secret Truth)

Yes, English springer spaniels shed all year long, but moderately. English springer spaniels are double coat dogs, which means they have an undercoat and an outer coat.

The undercoat is soft and thick to provide warmth while the outer coat is hard to protect the dog from various elements like wind, rain, etc.

Generally speaking, English springer spaniels will only shed in warmer weather if they are kept confined (for example, if they live in an apartment) because the undercoat will shed less because of insufficient sunlight.

How bad do English springer Spaniels shed?

The amount of shedding an English springer spaniel does depend on a few factors, such as the dog’s age, coat type, and whether it’s been clipped.

Generally speaking, they will shed moderately all year long. Sometimes they might shed more than others, but it’s not anything out of the ordinary.

What should you do if your english springer spaniel has a heavier than usual shed?

One should groom their dog thoroughly, and vacuum the home to remove loose hair.

If possible, take the dog for walks in cooler outdoor weather so that the undercoat sheds away because of insufficient sunlight.

Another option is to clip down your dog’s coat.

This prevents the coat from shedding all over your home, but it does not necessarily change the amount of hair that falls out on carpets or on furniture daily.

Another thing to consider is that double coats are known for being more likely to tangle than single coats, so ensure you brush yours extensively to prevent this from happening.

Do English springer Spaniels smell?

No. They don’t have an oder that is easy for us to detect.

Many people say that it doesn’t matter what dog you get, they are all going to leave behind an “odor”. This is not true however because not all dogs do.

It’s possible the bad odor some people detect on their dogs belongs to another dog or a cat in their house.

To make sure your dog smells less of other animals tell him/her off if they roll on the ground or beg for food outside while walking them outside.

A simple brush can also remove any odors from their coat!

An even more accurate way of ensuring your pet doesn’t have any odor is by bathing them on a regular basis.

How do I stop my springer spaniel from shedding?

There are a few things you can do to help reduce the amount of shedding your English Springer Spaniel does.

Regular brushing and combing will help remove excess hair, and bathing will help keep their coat clean and free of any dirt or debris that might cause itching and scratching.

If your dog is kept indoors, try taking them for walks in cooler weather to allow their undercoat to shed.

If your dog is kept outdoors, make sure they have access to a shaded area and plenty of freshwater to drink.

Is english springer spaniels shedding manageable?

Yes, English springer spaniels shedding is manageable. Although they shed all year long, it’s not anything out of the ordinary.

Grooming your dog thoroughly, and vacuuming the home to remove loose hair can help reduce the amount of hair that falls out on carpets or furniture daily.