Do Great Danes Shed? (The Secret Truth)

Yes, Great Danes shed and they’re moderate to heavy shedders. They shed seasonally (which is spring and fall) otherwise they will shed throughout the year. They even do this during summer but not as drastically.

Great Danes are known to be very heavy shedders so you should expect some hair loss in your house if you have one of these dogs. However, their shedding period depends on what type of coat they have.

They have a short coat, which is a single coat that lies close to the skin touching but not growing into excess hair.

This means that it doesn’t protect them from cold weather and heat, unlike long coats with insulation on the inside.

It also means that these dogs shed all year long while great danes with a long coat shed seasonally.

They also have a long coat, which is two coats that protect the skin from weather extremes by growing longer and then forming insulation.

This means that these dogs will only shed in spring and fall because their coats will be able to insulate themselves against winter and summer heat respectively.

Great Dane shedding can be seen as moderate to heavy.

Great Danes are known to shed a lot, every day! Their shedding is often seen as tufts of hair around their neck and overall it’s spread everywhere.

But this doesn’t bother them because they don’t usually groom themselves like cats who lick off the fur to make sure that it stays on them.

How do I get my Great Dane to stop shedding?

Great Danes are known to be heavy shedders so you should expect some hair loss in your house.

It is important to groom them from time to time so that they don’t lose too much fur and this way you can also remove any loose fur on their coat.

In order for a long-haired dog like a great dane to stay in good condition, you should brush him regularly so that you can get rid of any dead hair and prevent matted fur.

Bathing is also an important part of good grooming for your great dane.

You don’t have to bathe them often but it’s recommended to do it at least once every 3 months. Bathing them will remove any dirt and dander that they’ve accumulated as well as parasites such as ticks, fleas, and lice.

Of course, it is also advised to trim their nails regularly but this can be done however long your dog’s coat is.

Is a Great Dane hypoallergenic?

Even though Great Danes are considered to be breathable, they don’t qualify as hypoallergenic.

One of the main reasons why people don’t want to own dogs is because of their dander and shedding. Dander is usually related to allergies so having a dog that sheds or has dander can definitely be bothersome.

This is why many people are looking for hypoallergenic dogs but there’s no such thing.

Dogs have the potential to cause allergies. And Great Danes are known to be moderate shedders so they’re definitely not helping you with your allergy symptoms.