Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Shed? (The Secret Truth)

Yes, Rhodesian ridgebacks shed, but very little. If you do not know, a Rhodesian ridgeback is a type of dog that has a coat that gathers in two large parts: one on its back and another down its spine.

These gathering areas are called the “ridge” and the “thicket”.

The ridge will be flat when it is young but will start to grow thicker as it matures, causing the ridge to have a bumpy texture. The coating on the ridge is not actual hair but rather dead cells that can “harden”.

These dogs also have some long hairs in some areas of their body, mostly around their legs.

When do rhodesian ridgebacks shed?

Rhodesian ridgebacks are usually shed twice per year. The winter (or active) shed has mostly short hair, and this type of shedding usually occurs in the months between January and March.

Their summer (or completion) shed is thick and wiry, with a lot more dead coat cells on their back. This type of shedding generally happens between May and July.

What kind of weather affects the shedding process?

The climate usually doesn’t affect the shedding process.

The seasons and temperatures don’t determine when a Rhodesian ridgeback sheds. Instead, their hormones will tell them when to shed and how much they will shed per year.

Is rhodesian ridgebacks shedding manageable?

Some dog owners like the thickness of their Rhodesian ridgebacks that happens during the summer months because they can save on grooming and bathing fees.

Others may not like the shedding because of allergies, yard debris, and cleaning.

It is wise to brush your pet’s coat thoroughly before its new red ridge gets too thick so you can get rid of some dead hair before it collects dirt and other debris in order to keep your home tidy and allergy-free.

How to stop rhodesian ridgebacks from shedding?

There is not much you can do to stop Rhodesian ridgebacks from shedding, since it is a natural process.

However, you can help by brushing their coat regularly and keeping their living environment clean. They shed very little anyway, so you don’t really need to do anything about stopping their shedding.

Are there any possible health problems Rhodesian ridgebacks can get from shedding?

Yes, there is a chance that your dog’s body will collect debris and irritants as it sheds. These things may cause an allergic reaction, which most commonly results in skin irritation.

In some cases, the grasses and plants they brush against can collect on their back and cause skin irritation.

If you notice that your Rhodesian ridgeback’s red coat has become matted, then it is time to brush the dead hair off before cleaning with water and shampoo.

Are rhodesian ridgebacks hypoallergenic?

Rhodesian ridgebacks are not allergic-friendly dogs. Allergies might be triggered by their wiry coats, dead coat cells, and dander (dead skin cells).

Also, depending on your allergies, it is possible that the grasses they brush against can collect on their back and cause skin irritation.

How do you groom or bathe a rhodesian ridgeback?

It is not necessary to bathe your dog, but you should brush their coat and keep them clean.

If your pet spends a lot of time outside then you should wash them once it starts shedding in the warmer months. Here is a guide on how to groom yourself Rhodesian ridgeback.