Foxhounds: Everything You Need To Know

How much exercise does an English Foxhound need? Foxhounds have high energy levels and need over 2 hours exercise daily to keep them physically and mentally fit.


Do English foxhounds make good pets?

It is usually only retired foxhounds which are kept as pets. These dogs can be fabulous companions but require firm handling. They are good with children and sociable with other dogs. However, they need plenty of exercise and may not be very obedient.

Why are English Foxhounds so unpopular?

The English foxhound has a low level of adaptability and isn’t suited for apartment living. The dog is active, so owners must commit to ensuring it gets daily exercise.

Are English Foxhounds aggressive?

So, even very well socialized English Foxhounds may not be great with other small animals. But, it can minimise the risk of aggression in adult dogs. When your Foxhound is a puppy, make sure to introduce them to as many new things and experiences as possible to minimise a fear-based response when older.

Can English foxhounds be left alone?

Yes, this breed is very friendly and is affectionate with their family. They don’t like to be left alone and enjoy being around people and dogs.

Do English Foxhounds bark a lot?

English Foxhounds have a loud bark. This makes them wonderful watchdogs, but it may also make them unliked by neighbors. To get a healthy dog, never buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill, or pet store.


Are English Foxhounds expensive?

On average, the English Foxhound price range is rather affordable at between $600 and $800. With most breeds, you can save some money off the sticker price if you choose to adopt or rescue.

Are English Foxhounds good with cats?

American Foxhounds can get along well with cats, rabbits, and other pets if they’re raised with them in the home. Even so, don’t leave them unsupervised with other pets until you’re sure they all get along.

Are foxhounds calm?

This is a dog known for being gentle, affectionate, and outgoing. Although friendly with people, the English Foxhound is pack-oriented and happiest when in the company of other canines. So, if you have other dogs at home, this is a great choice!

Are foxhounds neutered?

Whilst recommendations vary, vets typically suggest that you should have your English Foxhound spayed or neutered between the ages of four and nine months.

Can foxhounds be off leash?

Even after they are fully trained, American Foxhounds should not be off-leash in open areas. They can follow their nose into traffic or they can wander after a scent and become lost.


Are foxhounds smart?

The American Foxhound is an extremely friendly and intelligent breed who loves his family, but being left alone with no human companion or canine friend can distress him. This dog was bred to run and can go for miles so exercise is very important.

Are foxhounds aggressive?

They are affectionate, kind, and intelligent, making it a faithful companion for a family. They love to act as playmates of the family’s kids. However, American foxhounds can sometimes be aggressive with strangers. These dogs have personalities that are a mix of gentle and destructive.

Are foxhounds noisy?

A bored Foxhound with energy to burn will create his own entertainment, and you probably won’t like it. He’s also noisy, with a loud bay that carries long distances. It’s not a good idea to keep him in an urban environment.

Are foxhounds hard to train?

If you have a Foxhound, you know that when he picks up a scent, he will follow it across town and there isn’t much you can do to stop him. But they are not good watchdogs owing to their friendly nature. Additionally, they can be hard to train, a trait that can make them quite difficult to handle.

Do foxhounds like the cold?

These hardy dogs do well in both hot and cool climates. Expect your American Foxhound to adapt well to most weather, but keep an eye on him in extreme temperatures to be sure he doesn’t overheat or become too cold.

Do foxhounds like other dogs?

Like other scent hounds, Foxhound dogs are pack hounds and tend to enjoy the company of other dogs and appreciate having a four-legged playmate to help burn off some of their excess energy.

Are foxhounds large dogs?

American Foxhounds are attractive, large dogs, weighing up to 70 lbs (32 kg) and standing about 25 inches (64 cm) tall at its withers (shoulders). They have a long muzzle, a round skull, and brown eyes. Their ears are set at about eye level and flop over on the sides of their skull.

Are foxhounds rare?

One of the four foxhound breeds, the English Foxhound is the rarest dog breed in the United States based on 2019 AKC registration data. The breed rose to prominence during the reign of Henry VIII in England. These dogs are best utilized for hunting, and despite their gentle disposition, are rarely used as house pets.

Do foxhounds howl?

The Foxhound is famed for his musical voice and his bays and howls can carry for miles; city living is not recommended for this breed. Foxhounds are easily distracted by various scents.

Can foxhounds be pets?

Athletic, strong and bursting with energy, foxhounds were bred to work. They are sociable dogs but are not the best choice as pets until they have retired from their hunting duties. Even then, these dogs require owners who understand their specific needs and they can be a bit if a handful, not to mention noisy!

Do foxhounds fetch?

Since the American Foxhound needs a lot of attention and has seemingly endless energy you will need to have a toy they can play fetch with. These dogs usually tend to follow their noses, so you always need to keep them on a leash. We recommend a dog harness for maximum comfort and control.

Are foxhounds loud?

Foxhounds have a reputation for being a very musical breed. Dog Time describes their voices as “bell-like” and says their bays and howls can carry for miles. Thus, they’re another breed that isn’t the best for small homes with close neighbors or apartment-living.

Are foxhounds destructive?

They need A LOT of exercise. Really, more exercise than you can imagine. And if they don’t get it, American Foxhounds can become destructive or depressed… or both. This makes them perfect pets for runners, joggers, hunters, owners with large fenced-in spaces, and anyone who loves to really break a sweat.

Do foxhounds shed?

A close, hard hound coat of medium length, and any color, though the combination of black, white and tan is prevalent. American Foxhounds do tend to shed a good amount of hair, but a weekly brushing will decrease shedding.

What do foxhounds look like?

English Foxhounds have a shiny, short, dense coat with a hard texture. They usually come in a tricolor pattern of black, white, and tan, but they can also be white with hare (more tan than black and white, giving the look of a hare), badger (a mixture of white, gray, brown, and black hairs), tan, or yellow.

Are Foxhounds stubborn?

While they’re mainly sweet and easygoing, American Foxhounds have the independent and stubborn nature that’s common to hounds. They’ve been bred to hunt with very little direction from their human companions, and they don’t necessarily see why they should have to do things your way.

Do Foxhounds like to cuddle?

Devoted and intelligent, the American Foxhound loves companionship and exercise. This breed isn’t as affectionate as others, however, preferring to play or run with family members rather than snuggle. One of America’s original dog breeds, the American Foxhound is also now one of the rarest.

Do American Foxhounds smell?

Although easy-going and friendly, American Foxhounds are scent hounds. Which mean, all obedience training can go out the window when it sniffs out an interesting scent. Thus, your dog should always be on a leash when you’re out walking with it. It’s best to train them while they’re still puppies.

Are Foxhounds soft?

The tolerant, gentle, and friendly American Foxhound can be reserved, especially around strangers. And though not considered a traditional house pet, the American Foxhound is well behaved indoors, getting along with other household dogs or pets.

How much is a foxhound?

There aren’t as many breeders for them as some of the more popular breeds because the puppies simply aren’t worth as much. If you manage to locate a breeder of American Foxhound puppies, you should expect to spend around $600-$1,000 to take one home.

Do foxhounds make good pets?

Foxhounds are tolerant, good-natured, gentle dogs. They have a strong hunting instinct, so should be exercised in secure areas and also be well trained at a young age to ensure they respond to recall, which may be challenging to teach as once on the scent of something it will be difficult to regain their attention!

Are Foxhounds hypoallergenic?

The English Foxhound is surprisingly a good choice for people who are allergic to dogs—they shed very little, and much of their excess hair can simply be rubbed off with a damp cloth. While no dog is hypoallergenic, the English Foxhound comes pretty close.

Are foxhounds a large breed?

Foxhounds are medium-large dogs and males typically weigh 29-32 kg (65-70 lb) and females 27-29 kg (60-65 lb).

Do American Foxhounds stink?

Although easy-going and friendly, American Foxhounds are scent hounds. Which mean, all obedience training can go out the window when it sniffs out an interesting scent.

How are Foxhounds trained?

Exercise the dog regularly. Bred for hunting, Foxhounds have nearly limitless energy and need to be exercised often. A simple walk through the park will not be enough for your Foxhound; it will need to run far and fast on a regular basis.

Are American Foxhounds affectionate?

Their personality is best described as easygoing, mild-mannered and up for adventure. American Foxhounds are charming and shameless in their quest for attention: Pet them once, and they’ll return for affection (and return the affection) over and over.

Are Foxhounds high energy?

The American Foxhound is a very active breed with very high energy. With longer legs bred into them, they are a very fast dog. They require a lot of exercise and do best in habitats where they have room to run.

How much should I feed my foxhound?

Recommended daily amount: 2 to 3 cups of a high-quality dog food a day. For more on feeding your American Foxhound, see our guidelines for buying the right food, feeding your puppy, and feeding your adult dog.

Do Foxhounds bark?

English Foxhounds have a loud bark. This makes them wonderful watchdogs, but it may also make them unliked by neighbors.

Are Foxhounds Velcro dogs?

While the breed doesn’t quite achieve Velcro-dog status, American Foxhounds love spending time with their people. Foxhounds will thrive as members of active families who want a four-legged companion for games of tag, long walks around the neighborhood, trips to the park, swimming.