How Fast Can Whippets Run? (The Secret Truth)

Whippets can run at a speed of about 35 mph, or 56 km/h. Some people say whippets can run even faster, but the speed of this breed was tested in real conditions and it turned out that their top speed is that high.   

Whippets are lean dogs with long legs, which makes them very fast runners, despite their small size.

They were bred to chase and to hold, and they still retain this instinct. It is important to have a large place where the whippet can run

and play with other dogs. Some people even take their whippets for running, but it’s not unusual that after just half an hour of running whippets are tired completely.

They also don’t like being in hot places, so they are not good running mates in the summer.

Whippets are used for dog racing, where people can bet money on their speed. This sport became very popular in Great Britain during the 19th century.

It was practiced even by members of the royal family, which made this activity very popular among the aristocracy. Dog racing is still popular in Great Britain, but it is illegal.

Whippets can be seen in dog racing contests today, where they compete with greyhounds and other breeds of dogs.

Sometimes whippets are also used for chasing small animals, such as cats or rabbits. Whippet likes the prey to look at and then chase it down over a short distance.

Whippets often compete in dog agility contests, where they have to jump over obstacles, climb ramps and run through the tunnels.

Whippets are very fast dogs with great endurance, making them perfect for these kinds of contests.

People who live in flats may think that it is impossible to keep a whippet as a pet because they need constant exercise.

But it’s not the case! Whippets also like playing indoors and can even do tricks to entertain their owners.

Whippets are great pets for people who live in the countryside or have a big garden where whippets can play with other dogs.

They make very little noise, maybe they will bark from time to time, but they rarely bite or fight with other dogs.

Is a Whippet faster than a greyhound?

Yes, that’s right. Whippets are faster than greyhounds, but they have a shorter stride length compared to greyhounds.

That means whippets can’t run as fast as greyhounds for an extended period of time without tiring. But they sure are way faster than any other dog of their size.

Are whippets Good To Run With?

Whippets love to run, so they are good running mates.

But they get tired quickly, so unless you have plenty of time to spare, whippets might not be the best running partners. They definitely don’t like hot weather and will prefer playing indoors on a cold day.

Can A Human Outrun A whippet?

No, that’s impossible. Whippets can run at a speed of about 35mph, which is about 56km/h. That’s incredibly fast!

Although humans get tired way before dogs do, it would be difficult to run faster than whippet for a short period of time. Even Usain Bolt wouldn’t win from a whippet!