Norwegian Lundehund: What You Need To Know

The Norwegian Lundehund (Norsk lundehund) is a small dog breed of the Spitz type that originates from Norway. Its name is a compound noun composed of the elements lunde, meaning puffin (Norwegian lunde, “puffin”, or lundefugl, “puffin bird”), and hund, meaning dog.

The breed was originally developed for the hunting of puffins and their eggs on inaccessible nesting places on cliffs and in caves.

Norwegian Lundehund

Is the Norwegian Lundehund a good family dog?

Along with the Norwegian Lundehund’s acrobatic talents, they have a knack for barking and digging, making them a good choice only if you’re prepared to give them lots of supervision and training.

They can be very tough to housetrain. Experienced pet parents only!

Why are Norwegian Lundehund so rare?

When small island farmers and fishermen began catching puffins with nets, Lundehunds started becoming obsolete.

The government also started levying taxes on Lundehunds, so many residents couldn’t afford to keep them anymore. By the early 20th century, Lundehund numbers had dwindled to almost nothing.

How much does a Norwegian Lundehund cost?

Around $2,000. The average price of a Norwegian Lundehund is around $2,000 and can go as high as $3,000, depending on the breeders, pedigree, and lineage of the dog’s parents.

The rarity of this magnificent canine specimen also drives up the cost.

Norwegian Lundehund

Are Norwegian Lundehund smart?

The Norwegian Lundehund is smart, loyal, and can be easy to train. But remember, this breed can be sensitive, and they don’t react well to harsh training methods or a strong hand.

How many Norwegian Lundehund are there in the world?

How many Norwegian Lundehund are there? It’s estimated that only about 1,400 dogs remain: 600 of them in Norway and 350 in the United States. The rest of them are scattered throughout Europe and other locations around the world.

How rare is a Norwegian Lundehund?

There are only 350 Lundehunds inside the United States (no wonder they’re at the bottom of the list!), only 600 in Norway itself, and only a total of 1,400 worldwide.

Are Norwegian Lundehund good pets?

The Norwegian Lundehund is a very friendly and happy small dog breed, and gets along well with children and strangers. If the dog is not properly socialized as a pup, it may be shy, especially around strangers, but it does not have aggressive tendencies.

Are Norwegian Lundehund aggressive?

The Lundehund makes for a very loyal companion. He loves to play and especially to climb. They are very easy to live with and will get along well kids; although they can be standoffish towards strangers, they are never typically aggressive.

What makes a Norwegian Lundehund unique?

The Lundehund can bend in ways that most dogs cannot. For instance, he is capable of touching the top of his head to his back, which enables him to turn around while inside a narrow underground passageway. The Lundehund also has an extremely flexible shoulder joint, allowing him to spread his forelegs out to the sides.

Why do Norwegian Lundehunds have 6 toes?

The Lundehund was a valuable working animal for hunting puffin birds along the Norwegian coast as food for over 400 years. Its flexibility and extra toes were ideal for hunting the birds in their inaccessible nesting locations on cliffs and in caves.

Are Norwegian Lundehunds easy to train?

The Lundehund is wary of strangers and requires early and extensive socialization to build a confident temperament. Training is a challenge. Norwegian Lundehunds learn quickly, but not necessarily what you want them to learn!

Are Norwegian Lundehund extinct?

The Norwegian lundehund is a rare dog breed around the world. It almost went extinct around the time of World War II, and breeders are still working on rebounding from that.

How old is the Norwegian Lundehund?

No one knows quite how long Lundehunds have been living in this remote corner of Norway, but written records date back to the early 1400s.

Are Norwegian Lundehund good with kids?

Good with Children: The Norwegian Lundehund is great with kids for a variety of reasons. Their warm and friendly personalities make them get along with kids well, especially if they are raised with them from a young age.

Do Norwegian Lundehund bark a lot?

Along with the Norwegian Lundehund’s acrobatic talents, they have a knack for barking and digging, making them a good choice only if you’re prepared to give them lots of supervision and training. They can be very tough to housetrain.

What does the Norwegian Lundehund look like?

A dense, rough outer coat is insulated by a soft undercoat in reddish-brown to fawn with black hair tips; black or gray with white markings; or white with dark markings. Norwegian Lundehunds shed heavily and need regular brushing with a firm bristle brush.