Can Ferrets Eat Bananas? (The Risks!)

No, ferrets shouldn’t eat bananas.

Bananas contain a lot of sugar and almost no vitamins or minerals. Ferrets cannot eat too much fruit as it causes loose stools.

The digestive system of ferrets is very similar to that of cats; they are not meant to eat a large quantity of fruit.

Ferrets are also lactose intolerant, meaning that they cannot digest dairy products. So even though bananas might be okay for your ferret to eat, too many can cause some problems with digestion later on.

Can I feed my ferret a little bit of banana?

You can give your ferret the occasional piece of fruit. Many owners do this as a treat for their ferrets. However, too much fruit is not good for your ferret and may cause some stomach upset.

Ferrets who have been fed a lot of fruits or vegetables from a young age may be more likely to accept these foods as ferrets mature. However, it is always best to stick with foods that are generally good for ferrets (meat-based diets) and avoid the occasional sweet treat.


Ferrets are carnivores and should not be fed a diet that is high in fruit or vegetables. In fact, any fruits they eat must have been introduced to their diet from an early age because ferret digestive systems cannot process the sugar found in many of these foods.

Ferrets also cannot digest dairy products so if you share a banana with your pet, don’t give them more than one bite at a time.