Can Ferrets Eat Bread? (The Risks!)

No, ferrets shouldn’t eat bread as it contains complex carbohydrates that are hard for ferrets’ stomaches to break down.

Ferrets are meat-eaters, like cats, and they need meat to survive. Their digestive systems can’t deal with cereals, vegetables, or fruit.

Ferrets are carnivores; in nature, they would eat smaller animals such as rabbits. Ferret owners need to feed their pets food that’s specifically made for ferrets. Biscuits designed for ferrets may include all the nutrients that ferrets need.

Bread is mainly made from wheat, which ferrets can’t digest properly. This means the wheat turns into sugar, which isn’t good for ferrets as they don’t have much control over blood sugar levels. Too much sugar could cause diabetes in ferrets.

What should I feed my pet ferret instead of bread?

Ferrets should be fed good quality cat food. This will usually contain everything that ferrets need to stay healthy.

Too much bread or other carbohydrate-containing foods can cause serious health problems in ferrets, including diabetes and tooth decay. If your ferret eats lots of bread it could be overweight, which will shorten its life considerably.

Also, bread is made with many different ingredients and additives, some of which aren’t good for ferrets. Bread dough sometimes even contains eggs and milk, and some types of bread have nuts or raisins in them. Ferrets can choke on these foods.

Bread isn’t a substitute for meat; if you want to feed your pet something different, try small pieces of raw chicken or fish.