Can Ferrets Eat Cheese? (The Risks!)

No, ferrets can’t eat cheese as it is dangerous for ferrets to eat due to the fact that it contains lactose.

Cheese is made by fermenting milk. The enzyme rennet is used to separate the curds and the whey.

The stomach of a young animal may produce lactase, which helps digest the lactose in milk. As animals age, most stop producing lactase, which turns milk into cheese at levels that are toxic to them.

Ferrets are carnivores and eat meat. They lack the enzyme needed to digest dairy, which is why it is dangerous for them to consume cheese. Cheese can give them diarrhea or make them very sick, depending on how much they eat.

Fresh mozzarella is usually well tolerated by ferrets; however, aged cheeses like cheddar may contain too much calcium. This can lead to a serious condition called hypercalcemia, which is a high level of calcium in the blood.

Can a ferret die from eating cheese?

Yes. Ferrets are not able to digest dairy products like cheese properly, which is why they can become very sick – or even die if they eat enough of it.

What should I feed my ferret instead of cheese?

Ferrets can eat foods that are high in protein, which includes eggs (cooked), poultry (cooked), beef (raw or cooked), lamb (raw or cooked), and certain types of fish.

Give your ferret small amounts of dairy products like yogurt or cottage cheese occasionally to keep it happy. Just make sure the product doesn’t contain any lactose or cheese.

Ferrets have a sweet tooth, so it may be beneficial to give them low-sugar vegetables and fruits from time to time as well.

Try shredded carrots, leafy greens, or pieces of apple.