Can Ferrets Eat Crickets? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, ferrets can eat crickets, but only as a treat once in a while.

crickets are high in proteins, are low in fat, and are rich in vitamins. Crickets are often referred to as a complete feed for insect-eating birds or reptiles because they contain all the nutrients that these animals need.

Ferrets are obligate carnivores which means that their diets should consist of high protein foods with little to no carbohydrates.

How are crickets good for ferrets to eat?

Crickets are full of protein which ferrets need to be healthy and strong. Protein is essential for all mammals to build body tissues (muscles, hair, skin…) and many enzymes that control chemical reactions in the body. In addition, a diet with low-fat content will help your ferret stay slim and trim.

Crickets are high in proteins which ferrets need to survive.

Things to consider when feeding crickets to your ferret

Crickets are high in proteins, but they do not supply all the amino acids that ferrets need. Also, too much protein is bad for their liver. It’s alright to feed them with crickets 2-3 times a week because it will give them the chance to get all the essential nutrients they need.

Crickets are high in calcium so this means that your ferret should be given calcium supplements because its diet won’t provide all the calcium it needs.

How to feed crickets to ferrets?

You will need to order your crickets in a pet store or online. You can feed them either gut-loaded or not gut-loaded crickets.

Gut-loaded crickets contain calcium and other nutrients that will benefit your ferret but don’t add much protein.

If you buy non-gut-loaded crickets, you’ll need to feed them with high-protein food like mealworms before you give them to your ferret.

Can baby ferrets eat crickets?

Ferrets are weaned after 4-5 weeks of age. High protein food is essential for baby ferrets, but the problem with gut-loaded crickets is that too much calcium can be dangerous because it can cause urinary stones that will block your ferret’s urethra.

You need to order non-gut-loaded crickets if you want to feed them to your baby ferrets.

Can nursing female ferrets eat crickets?

You need to give your nursing female ferret high protein food so that it can reproduce and nurse its young ones with enough nutrients. You can either purchase gut-loaded or non-gut-loaded crickets.

Crickets should not make a major part of a nursing female ferret’s diet if it’s pregnant because too much calcium can be bad for the development of its young ones.

Are crickets bad for ferrets to eat?

Crickets offer the chance to give your ferret some variety but you can’t feed them with crickets all the time because they may suffer from some health issues.

Protein promotes the production of uric acid which can lead to calcium stones and bladder stones in ferrets.

Crickets may carry salmonella and other bacteria that cause food poisoning if they aren’t gut-loaded or raised under clean conditions.