Can Ferrets Eat Dry Cat Food? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, ferrets can eat dry cat food.

Dry cat food usually contains more protein than ferret food.

This is not ideal for ferrets, but some people use it as a temporary solution if their ferret’s usual food isn’t available. As the second-best option after ferret food itself.

How is dry cat food good for ferrets to eat?

Dry cat food, as said before, contains high protein and this is good for ferrets.

Omega 3 fatty acids are also found in dry cat food and that’s something we would like to see more of in ferret food (but again – not enough).

What kind of dry cat foods can I feed my ferrets?

Any dry cat food is fine. If your ferret does not seem to be very interested in the food, you can try wet cat food or mix it with some ferret-friendly brands of dog food.

Can a ferret get sick from eating dry cat food?

Dry cat food does not make a ferret sick, but it is important to limit the amount of dry cat food your ferret eats.

This is because dry cat food contains too much protein and can cause many other problems if consumed in large amounts.

First off, all that protein will be hard for them to digest and it can cause them to have runny poop.

It will also increase the chance of having diabetes or insulinoma in ferrets.

Plus – it’s not generally good for their teeth, so they are more likely to get dental problems if you give them dry cat food often.