Can Ferrets Eat Guinea Pig Food? (The Risks!)

No, ferrets can’t eat guinea pig food.

Guinea pig food mainly consists of pellets.

Although the majority of pet owners give their ferrets store-bought ferret food, some owners who breed their own animals or might be unable to purchase commercial ferret food give them guinea pig food instead.

This is a huge mistake as both animals have different nutritional needs and should not be fed the same food.

How is guinea pig food bad for ferrets to eat?

Ferrets are strict carnivores who need a high protein diet. Guinea pigs are herbivores that require plenty of fiber in their diets.

The lack of meat in the guinea pig food will result in malnutrition, starvation, and ultimately death for your pet ferret.

It is also important to note that both animals have different nutritional requirements and should not feed on the same food.

If you want to give your ferret guinea pig food, make sure to soak it in water for up to an hour before giving it to him/her, as this will provide some nutrition and fibers.

However, remember that this is only a temporary solution and far from healthy.

Can a ferret die from eating guinea pig food?

Ferrets can’t eat pellets, but they can die from eating them.

Pellets are high in carbohydrates, which ferrets are not able to process properly. They will instead eat less food if they have consumed pellets because the pellets expand in the stomach and create a feeling of fullness already.