Can Ferrets Eat Human Food? (The Risks!)

Yes, ferrets can eat human food.

Your pet ferret can eat some human foods and others may not be so well-suited for them, and some may even be outright deadly. So you need to be really careful when feeding your pet ferret human food if you really care about him/her.

It’s best that you stick to a meat-based diet for your ferret, which of course both humans and ferrets share in common, so that’s one that ferrets can eat from human food.

Here are some other human food items that are ferret-friendly:

  • Fish (uncooked)
  • Tuna (uncooked)
  • Raw Chicken (although humans don’t usually eat it raw)
  • Meat (uncooked)
  • Yogurt
  • Chicken Gizzards (uncooked)
  • Chicken Wings (uncooked)

Can human junk food cause issues for ferrets?

If you feed your ferret human junk food, he/she will definitely get sick and die quickly. Junk foods such as chips can cause serious health problems for your pet. The same goes for chocolate.

Can baby ferrets eat human food?

Yes, the above-mentioned list of human foods that are ferret-friendly is all safe for adult and baby ferrets alike.

What’s wrong with cooking the meat for ferrets?

Well, it’s the meat itself that is ferret-friendly. Cooking it will change its structure and can cause your pet to develop health problems. Like it may contain spices that are definitely not healthy for your meat-eater ferret.