Can Ferrets Eat Yogurt? (The Risks!)

No, ferrets shouldn’t eat yogurt.

Ferrets can digest dairy products so feeding your pet ferret some yogurt is the best way to cause him stomach problems.

Ferrets produce large amounts of stomach acid and their digestive system is not equipped to process dairy products properly.

Also, the ingredients in yogurt can cause your ferret’s blood sugar levels to rise and fall rapidly because there are no carbohydrates for the body to use as an energy source.

Ferrets should never eat anything containing lactose, which is a sugar found in milk and dairy products that ferrets cannot digest.

Ferrets who eat yogurt may develop diarrhea.

Can a ferret die from eating yogurt?

Ferrets can die from eating yogurt, they just won’t until it’s digested enough to cause massive blood sugar drops and diarrhea.

The thing is, yogurt has so much bacteria in it that they actually start producing alcohol! Ferrets will get drunk if you feed them enough yogurt and most likely pass out for a day or two.

How is yogurt bad for ferrets to eat?

Yogurt is bad for ferrets because they cannot digest lactose, which can cause blood sugar levels to drop and rise rapidly leading to obesity or malnutrition.

Ferrets start producing stomach acid when they are young but their pancreatic zymogens do not reach full potency until they are three months old.

Ferrets who eat yogurt will get diarrhea and the lactose sugars in the yogurt will cause their digestive system to work overtime.

Also, ferrets who eat too much dairy might develop some kinds of cancer or pancreatitis.

Ferrets cannot digest the milk protein casein either, which is another reason why yogurt should not be fed to ferrets.

Ferrets who eat yogurt might get really drunk and pass out for a day or two because the bacteria in yogurt actually start producing alcohol!

What should you feed ferrets instead of yogurt?

Ferrets should never be fed dairy products such as milk, cheese, ice cream, etc. Ferrets can only digest meat and plant proteins like chicken breast, chicken, tuna, salmon, beef, raw beef, meat, raw meat, etc.