Is Marshall Ferret Food Bad? (Interesting!)

Here’s what a real customer has to say about Marshall ferret food, whether it is bad or not.

“So I bought my ferret from a store that I worked at.. let’s call them “petshmo”. He is a Marshall ferret, and I was told to feed him this food and did it for his first year of life.

After seeing the price going up, and my ferret constantly coughing, losing hair, and being a low weight. I was concerned.

He had seen multiple vets, and I was told he was fine after all tests were run. I decided to take the chance and put him on a very very high-quality cat food.

It’s twice to three times more expensive than ferret food. However, my ferret has gotten to a healthy weight, his fur is soft and silky and extremely fluffy.

He doesn’t cough or sneeze. Best of all, the musky ferret smell… basically gone. He has more energy and overall is finally healthy.

This food has some ingredients I don’t feel ferrets are meant to have, such as brewers yeast. But if your ferret does well on it, it has an okay protein point.”

Read the live review here.