Is Wysong A Good Ferret Food? (Huh!)

Let’s check out the top two reviews of this Wysong ferret food product.

Here’s a positive one, let’s see what they have to say:

Here’s the text version in case you’re finding it hard to read the image review:

“This is the top-quality kibble for ferrets. To all ferret owners who do not feed raw: this is the next best thing.

Any ferret owner worth their weight in salt will know that ferrets (being obligatory carnivores) need to be fed a high protein diet.

Unfortunately, many commercial ferret kibbles (I’m talking about you Marshalls!) are not a long-term suitable diet.

Most commercial ferret kibbles have vegetable filler-like peas as one of the top 6 ingredients! This is not ideal for an animal that biologically, is not designed to digest vegetables, grains, and other fillers.

Obviously, the best diet would be a raw/whole prey diet. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible for ferret owners.

Feeding raw can be tricky, expensive, and unsanitary if you don’t take the proper precautions.

That’s where Wysong comes in. Ingredients-wise, it’s the best you can buy on the market.
I’ve been feeding my ferrets this food for years and they love it!

Their coats are soft and shiny, and it helps keep things like their odor to a minimum.

It really is one of the best ferret foods out there!”

Now let’s hear it from someone who didn’t like this Wysong ferret food so much:

“Wysong is the very best kibble food manufacture in the world, as far as I am concerned. They stand behind their product, constantly quest for better products, and follow up almost immediately when I have ever had a question.

So why 1 star for a 5-star company? Because they changed the ingredients of the Epigen 90 ferret food.

I found out only after I contacted the company about my ferrets having diarrhea soon after introducing them to the new formula (without my knowledge, I didn’t figure out what happened until I compared one package to the other).

I have four ferrets and owned many others over the years. Their little digestive systems do not handle change very well.

My abrupt change was unintended, and I couldn’t do anything about it because (I buy in bulk quantities) all the old products had been sold.

About 4 months after this mess, Wysong contacted me with a noticed about changing their formula because many ferrets owners complained about the new formula causing diarrhea.

I contacted Wysong immediately and they refunded my last purchase (remember 5-star company).

I know have my fuzzbutts on the new sensitive tummy formula and all are well. So here is the reason for the 1 star, the original product is still out there and my hope is that you will read this review and not put your fuzzies through what mine went through.

Some ferrets did not react as all four of mine did (I find this rather odd) and your ferret could be fine.

But why take the chance?

Don’t buy this particular product; however, DO BUY YOUR KIBBLE FROM WYSONG. They are seriously committed to feeding the right choice food for cats, dogs, and ferrets.”

No you decide whichever experience appeals to you the most and your ferret.